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ok my issue is, we all take email for granted once we have it and ive had my email address for over 10 years and not thought about it since. seeing as internet protection is becoming a serious issue I think i will create a few email addresses for different uses, this will make me more secure.

but what service should I go with? I could use hotmail like my original email address... maybe gmail... but can I manage emails from multiple mailboxes well? maybe yahoo mail?

anything anyone can suggest for me? also if you know of an application or software that will better my experience that would be very handy, i dont want to have to log out and log back in between my mailboxes constantly but i dont mind doing it every now and then...

asked Nov 16 '12 at 18:59

penfold1992's gravatar image


I would lean towards Gmail if you are looking for a email provider. Alternatively you can get a domain and have email accounts that way.

As for managing mail, thats where the fun comes in! If you're on Mac OS X then the Mail.app does an excellent job and managing mail, alternatively there is also Sparrow. If you're on Windows, Incredimail has served me well when I was on a Windows PC and it spun in some fun in my work, it isn't the best, and it's a bit whacky if you just look at it, but if you use it, then you'll know what I mean when I say Incredimail is, well different.

answered Nov 17 '12 at 19:23

AlphaMike's gravatar image


i will take a look at incredimail, I am using a windows PC mainly but it would also be good if it has an app for android too... im wondering if there are any more out there then just incredimail?

whether its a gmail email manager or hotmail or any mail. having a new mail experience would be refreshing.

also, for the use of the mail.... id rather not have it on a domain and have an online accessible one. (which makes me think... is it possible to receive microsoft outlook mail away from the pc you set it up from now? i havent used outlook for so long it was known as "static mail" when i used it meaning it could only be used on the pc outlook was running on.)

answered Nov 17 '12 at 20:35

penfold1992's gravatar image


If you prefer to be on client, getting a domain and setting up the email in the client is also no big problem. Other than Incredimail there is also Thunderbird.

I have never used Outlook before so I can't help you on that part.

(Nov 17 '12 at 21:56) AlphaMike AlphaMike's gravatar image
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