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Ever since I saw the advertisement, I've always thought the Chromebook is the future of computing, if we can perfect it...and that's the point, really. I think there are only a few things it has missing. For example, I use my computer, mostly for the Internet. Just about everything for which I use it involved the Internet. That's why the advert hooked me. I use Google Docs and Gmail. Just about everything I do is done online. I don't even have Microsoft Word installed. The only feature I think is missing is instant messaging and editing.

Which got me thinking...

A Chromebook has only what I only ever use, apart from Skype and Sony Vegas. Therefore, I've has the idea to - when in the position to - purchase a Chrombook, then to buy a much lower-budget PC, (I don't think I'd need a high-brow machine if I have a Chromebook as-well.), because from that, I'd delete anything I don't want/need that I could access on the Chromebook, install only Skype and Vegas and use the PC for that.

I'd use a PC for messaging and editing because, while the Chromebook has alternatives, these are the only things I can think of that need a desktop to run. Only using those two software would mean performance wouldn't be too much of an issue.

This means, for everything I need, I have a Chromebook. For the extra, more trivial, rare things I need, a have a good-performance PC that doesn't waste space with what I could just access on the cloud.

But would it work, in practice?

asked Nov 17 '12 at 15:51

Gallifrey104's gravatar image


You could make any setup work. Personally, I have an iPad, a gaming computer, and and iMac. I built my gaming computer so that I could get the best price, and I use my iMac for more complex video and image work. Whenever I'm away from my computers, my iPad is a good source of staying connected.

If a Chromebook and a powerful rendering computer works for you, that's awesome!

PS: I can give you a parts list for what parts I think would be best in a rendering build if you'll give me a price.

answered Nov 18 '12 at 06:57

catchatyou's gravatar image


Thanks. I guess tech is so varying these days you can make it work however you want. Not that I'm necessarily going with that idea, I'm just collating different possibilities.

(Nov 18 '12 at 09:58) Gallifrey104 Gallifrey104's gravatar image
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Asked: Nov 17 '12 at 15:51

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