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Currently I am running Ubuntu 12.04. I want to try other Linux Distributions without fully installing them on my computer, so that's where I found out about VB. I have it installed on my computer, and I chose another Linux Operating system to play around with. Fedora 17. I went to the website, downloaded the 64bit Gnome Fedora 17 iso. The iso looks good. The download was clean.

When I opened up VB, and created a new Virtual Machine, I went through all the steps, created the operating system name, and chose the correct things for that, I gave it 1 GB of RAM. (More than the recommended). I created a Virtual Hard Drive, with the default storage. That's about all they ask for.

Then I started the Virtual Machine. They ask me for the iso I need to run the machine, and of course, I go in my downloads and choose the Fedora 17 iso file. I start the machine, and Fedora starts with it's beginning, you know where it counts down from 10, and says "Press Tab for more boot options"

I leave it alone, and it starts, but this Virtual Machine just stays black. I have no idea what I might have done wrong. Any help will be great. I really wanna get more into Linux, and try different operating systems, and need a bit of help.

asked Nov 30 '12 at 00:12

Curtis%20Coburn's gravatar image

Curtis Coburn

Has the VM went to sleep? Also, maybe hit enter when it counts down to get a list of options to choose from. Then select what you want.

answered Nov 30 '12 at 10:40

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Nothing. Still will not come up.

(Nov 30 '12 at 17:33) Curtis Coburn Curtis%20Coburn's gravatar image

An easier route to experimenting with various Linux distros is to burn those images to disc and boot them in Live trial mode so you can assess whether it will even run on your machine before attempting to install it as a VM.
The problem might be distro or hardware related and not have anything to do with any mistakes you may or may not have made.

I know there is a problem with black screen boots in ubuntu and I think it's an upstream issue affecting more than just Ubuntu.
I know there are workarounds for this issue.
Google: fedora 17 black screen install

answered Dec 04 '12 at 19:10

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edited Dec 04 '12 at 19:12

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