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My iPhone sleep button is stuck and there is no way of putting it in DFU mode besides the redsnow way. Any help?

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asked Dec 09 '12 at 17:04

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edited Dec 10 '12 at 18:10

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Fogarty ♦♦

Since it's an iPhone 4, I'd check if you have a warranty on it. If you do, bring it in. If you don't, try to bring it in and see what they can do. If they can't do anything use this breakdown video and fix that problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIB9L7xlI4w

answered Dec 09 '12 at 17:27

DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

DJ Scooby Doo

Thanks but i tried that and i stripped one of the pentalobe screws trying different methods on how to take it off without the torx kit

(Dec 09 '12 at 17:36) gorge710 gorge710's gravatar image

Try bringing it in to the Apple Store. Maybe they could tell you what's wrong. Sometimes they actually open the devices to see what's going on.

(Dec 09 '12 at 17:45) DJ Scooby Doo DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image
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