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"Chris, hi my name is Drake. I have a game idea that seems to be spreading through my school and i would like to make the game. However, I don't have the know how to make this happen. The game would be an online fps shooter and I would love it if you could help me."

I sent this email to Chris and would like some help with anything you can think of that will help me get this going.

asked Dec 11 '12 at 13:03

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Have you worked on a mod or anything?

(Dec 12 '12 at 08:27) ClosetFuturist ClosetFuturist's gravatar image

Maybe you should think of a game genre other than First Person Shooter. There are too many of those games and I've even seen other people here talking about making a FPS game. It's better to create something totally different and unique rather than create something similar to something else, especially if it's overused like the FPS genre.

(Dec 19 '12 at 08:04) nickjuly4 nickjuly4's gravatar image

Judging from his description of the game (which is worse than poor, now wonder you got no reply), I'd say no. First of all, you would want to write down what the game is supposed to be (not this stuff, this is horrible). First write down the very basics and move up from there, this is what you'll need (this is just the very basics, you need a whole lot more, but it should give you a general idea). 1)FPS Singleplayer - yes/no? Multiplayer-yes/no? Type of multiplayer - room based/mmo. If it's room based, how many players would you like to have play at once? If it's an MMO, the latter question is still the same. Lore - yes/no? Setting - sci-fi, modern (there's a difference, a slight one, but still), post apocalyptic. (I would imagine that you want set the story in 2025, so no hover cars just yet) If it's an MMO, who are the good guys, who are the bad guys? If it's a room based game, the question remains the same. Artstyle - realistic, cel-shaded, whatever else.

By now you should have thought of some lore and all of the nitty-gritty details, so now you should do some concept art. If you can't do that, hire an artist and be extremely picky about stuff. When you have all of that, you need programmers who will determine what game engine is capable of running your game and do all the programming to get at least the basic game build to work with.

Then you need some more specific gameplay mechanics (again, if it's an MMO, how are you going to fight your enemies, what are they capable of, how does the fighting even work). If it's a room based shooter, again, you need something that will separate your game form all the Korean games that come out every other day.

Now comes the publicity, you need PR agents to strike some deals and get your game out there. Then comes beta testing, improvements and everything that's left.

answered Dec 12 '12 at 10:59

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