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Just wondering if anyone thinks they'd be happy using their very first PC as you would've been using it back in the day, or has technology come too far for you to take a few steps back in time even if that means using a 10-year old PC, for example? Do you think you'll have the same view of computers that we have today another 10 years down the line? It doesn't sound like a long time but a lot can change in that amount of time. Just think about how far the tablet has come compared to what we have today or to what people were using in the 10 years prior to that -- pocket PCs.

asked Dec 13 '12 at 08:13

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Fogarty ♦♦

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With the power I need today I won't be able to go back to my old pc.. If I did non of the library's, frameworks, SDK's and development tools I use for my job just wouldn't work. Also with gaming I'd maybe get 2 max 3 FPS vs my 60FPS I have right now.

So yes, technology has gone to fast for me to be able to go back. I've already got a computer that's good to last another 2 years of technology advancements in my mind. Once I need an upgrade I will get one that's ahead of the average again to make sure it lasts for a while.

Also the hardware used to improve by a factor of 2 each 18 months (not sure who said this but he has been right so far) and the past year Apple has done that in just 12 months on their MacBook's. There's no sign of anything slowing down yet so it will only speed up faster and faster (just know that it only takes 20 steps of *2 to get to 1,000,000... and another 10 to get to 1,000,000,000)

answered Dec 13 '12 at 09:38

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Nope, I couldn't go back to what I had in 1998. It can't run much, although it was pretty powerful for it's time as it was a server computer capable running Windows NT 4.0. It ran XP pretty well until we trashed it since my brother spilled some apple juice on the internals as my dad was spraying the fan. That was back in 2004. Tech has been moving WAY too fast but that's the way that the world works. I remember 2 years ago the biggest screen was the iPhone and now the biggest screen to date on a phone is the Galaxy Note II.

Sure I'll take a few steps FOR A MINUTE OR TWO, then go right back to my 2008 Dell Latitude D620. For a computer from 2008 it's been running every OS I could throw at it well. Ubuntu, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (don't ask), 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and now 8 Pro with Media Center.

answered Dec 13 '12 at 16:14

DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

DJ Scooby Doo

My first computer barely had a 1ghz processor, and about 30mb of ram. Nah.

answered Dec 13 '12 at 17:17

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Not thinking so. Pentium 75, 1GB hard drive, 32MB of ram, and Windows 95 won't get me very far online today. Sure it would be fun to have for nostalgia.

answered Dec 13 '12 at 17:24

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ten years ago i was using a computer made my Time, i believe it was a pentium 2 with maybe 256mb or ram and about 80gb of storage and a Nvidia graphics card. At the time i liked it as it was something to use for games like Diablo 2 but it wasn't long before it became a pain in the butt especially after Time went out of business so no customer service went it started to go wrong ;/ plus i begged my dad for it at a price that turned out to be exorbitant but i didn't know much about computers back then and just wanted something i could play Diablo 2 on with my friends and my dad knew far less and still does, so we got duped by an advert in the paper which happens to allot of people but less so now as forums such as this exist.

Now i know better, now i'm a Mac user ;)

answered Dec 13 '12 at 17:31

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My first computer wouldn't be usable today. It was an IBM PC XT. It had an 8mb. RAM card, a 360kb hard card, two 5 1/4" floppy drives, some B&W graphics adapter and a dot matrix printer card. It was a nice gift at the time but not of much use today.

The motherboard I'm using now is almost 10 yrs. old and it's being pushed to it's limits by newer components. Honestly; it's about time for a bare bones upgrade.

answered Dec 13 '12 at 20:11

ClosetFuturist's gravatar image


My first PC had very limited hard drive space of about 360kb and used 5 1/4" floppy discs (two drives) my current unit has 2tb of hard drive and 32 gig of Ram, it's chalk and cheese

answered Dec 13 '12 at 20:58

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My first computer was a Ti-99a. The data storage was on a cassette deck. So, no. It would be fun to have it again though. I keep meaning to download an emulator.

answered Dec 13 '12 at 23:30

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Assuming you're thinking of a PC of ten years ago- then, yeah, what I did then I still do now- lots of reading & research/music/and playing w/OS's- only with the hardware requirements exceeding that older hardware, it wouldn't be feasible.

That first PC, purchased with the tiny inheritance from my beautiful mother (RIP, & thanks Mom <3 ), was a Dell Dimension: p3-450mhz, 13gb hdd, 512mb RAM. At the one year anniversary, the warranty lapsed & I began dismantling & upgrading. Now I work doing computer repair & training. After that initial purchase, I built every one of my towers myself. Current is an i7-930, 18GB RAM, 60GB SDD w/Linux Mint 13, 600GB WD Velociraptor for /home & data, Vapor-X 5770 x 2, Bluray burner all housed in a HAF 922 whose side panel is always off because I like to plug in all sorts of OS's on various drives- ;)

Happy holidays to all!

answered Dec 14 '12 at 08:04

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Sinclair X81 with 1kb RAM (Yes, that is a K!) Probably not (although I did write a very nifty telephone charges analyser for it that would probably still work today.)!!!!

C64 had some good games!

Amstrad PCW would still be a more than adequate word processor and there was a little community of enthusiasts such as myself doing some clever stuff with CP/M machine code so, yeah, I could see me still using that as a backup office machine.

answered Dec 14 '12 at 09:31

dunfiddlin's gravatar image


our first computer at home was an Amstrad Spectrum my dad picked up cheap so we could play some games before we could afford a console

(Dec 14 '12 at 10:13) mutley2209 mutley2209's gravatar image
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