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So, I'd love to do some work during my holidays for payment. I'm not expecting "DO THIS ONE STEP FOR 1 BILLION DOLLARS" and that kind of irrational thought. I'd love to start get some money at least, and start building it up, and I might even continue to do it whenever I'm free during my studying days.

Now, you might say, "Dude, just go get some work around your neighborhood" or something similar. I'm not in the US. In fact, I live in the Middle East, so this kinda stuff isn't actually possible. Even if it is in some countries in the region, It isn't where i live, unless I have the citizenship of this country.

Now, I'm 18 years old, studying Electrical Engineering, and I'm skilled, to a large extent, with the English language, and Mathematics. I do some "proper" photoshopping every now and then, and very little video editing and 3d effects with Adobe After Effects, though I have to train a bit more on these two. I also love writing articles on any topic (from technology, to international politics, to sports, sometimes with a small touch of satire)

Thanks for the help y'all!

asked Dec 19 '12 at 16:55

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edited Dec 19 '12 at 17:55

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Fogarty ♦♦

If you have a iOS or android device try http://m.freemyapps.com for amazon gift cards or http://www.featurepoints.com/ (iOS only) for PayPal funds and amazon gift cards

I use both and they work

I know this isn't what your looking for but you can do this on top of whatever the rest of the community finds for you

answered Dec 28 '12 at 04:44

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edited Dec 28 '12 at 04:47

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