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Which prepaid carrier are you on? Have you used one in the past? What were your experiences? Which one do you prefer?

asked Dec 20 '12 at 03:16

JordanV's gravatar image


Yes I've been, right now I'm on a cheap contract (per month the ability to cancel it) and it's much much simpler (mainly due to my 3G usage). A pre-paid carrier is good if you send like 5-10 text messages per month and barely call. Else it would be cheaper to get a cheap contract (mine is €15 per month for 500Mb 3G and 200 Text Messages and Calling minutes)

I am left with 180+ Text messages and Calling minutes per month and ~150Mb 3G left per month. Seems worth it to me.

answered Dec 20 '12 at 06:37

nitrocrime's gravatar image


I have always used prepaid services. Right now I pay $50/month and get Unlimited local calling, Can only numbers with the same area code(613), Can't call numbers with area codes that cover the exact same area (343). Unlimited Incoming (from ANYWHERE), And I get Unlimited SMS and MMS to any north american number. Ther carrier is KOODO (owned by TELUS). I was with WIND, Same plan but I could call ANY number in my province (Ontario) for $25, Plan is no longer available since 2010. I left WIND for KOODO because WIND's call centre IS THE WORST IN THE WORLD! An issue That should only take 5 mins to deal with would take 3 hours AND A LOT of yelling, screaming, AND cursing. In fact every review I have read about WIND have all stated that you SHOULD do EVERYTHING in your power to NOT phone the call centre. I completly agree with them. WIND has and is continuing to get worse with every passing day.

answered Dec 22 '12 at 20:39

jon20c's gravatar image


edited Dec 22 '12 at 20:43

I'm on a prepaid plan for my cellphone. Been using prepaid plan since 2005 when I got my first cell phone back then.

answered Dec 23 '12 at 19:41

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