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Hello, all. I am currently on a Windows 7 desktop. I am thinking of getting a new computer since this computer is a couple of years old; I have thought about getting the cheapest Mac of all, the Mac mini, for 599 dollars and then getting an iPad or iPod and using the iPad/iPod to VNC into the mini and control from any part of my house. Or do you recommend I get a MacBook Pro with the new Retina display since it is more portable and easier to carry around with me?

Any help would be great!


asked Dec 20 '12 at 04:56

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edited Dec 21 '12 at 05:32

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Fogarty ♦♦

If you want something portable, get the laptop. If you don't need something portable get the Mac Mini and spec it up a little so it will last you longer.

That's the best way about it really. They're not all that different when it comes to power, both using 3rd gen iSeries CPUs and Nvidia/Intel GPUs

answered Dec 20 '12 at 05:51

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Tim Fontana

MacBook Pro : Portability, battery power, expensive

Mac Mini : No keyboard, mouse, monitor , cheaper

answered Dec 21 '12 at 03:02

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Geek Master

It really depends what you do on your PC

answered Dec 20 '12 at 23:39

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This would more be a question between portable or stationed. Both mac's have to same abilities (minus the fact that the Mac Mini is cheaper and for the same cost as it's counter part can have more power)

(Dec 21 '12 at 04:24) nitrocrime nitrocrime's gravatar image
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