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I'm getting a 32GB Nexus 7 for xmas. Any general starter tips? (Not how to turn rotation lock off ect..)

Any recommended cases/screen protectors? What do you use?

asked Dec 21 '12 at 18:48

Zorbeen98's gravatar image


You don't need much just get used to it And 1) make sure u turn off the auto brightness it's terrible it just suddenly reduces the brightness and causes fatigue

2) you would want to start by charging it as soon as u switch it on it will require u to go through a few updates b4 u actually get it working

3) see what suets u best when it comes to theme tweak keyboard cause admit it ,it's android this is one thing u have a lot of choice on and as its running a quad core tegra it cannot get leggy that easily btw you might like this tweak swipe pad cheak it out .

4) get a good power manager not task manger but power manager like power control as wat CMOES like a second notification it tends to take you to settings again and again for simple tasks and I personally don't like that that's y I like to have a power controls widget on the home screen

5) do not for any reason get a task manager THAT!! Drains more batterie than u think.

6) and last do not drop it as its not gorilla glass or if u tend to drop it get a screen protected

answered Dec 23 '12 at 01:48

Themanwhoasksalot's gravatar image


Auto Brightness is fine under most circumstances

While I agree task managers are bad, they do a lot worse than drain your battery.

Your browser doesn't have a spell-check does it?

(Dec 23 '12 at 14:32) Zbob750 Zbob750's gravatar image

as far as cases i love my otter case on my S3

answered Dec 21 '12 at 19:43

trueb's gravatar image


Aren't they the really big clunky ones?

(Dec 22 '12 at 07:56) Zorbeen98 Zorbeen98's gravatar image

Yes, it is a little clunky, but they look nice, feel nice in the hand and really makes you feel like your phone is protected.

They have two lines Commuter the lighter weight one, or Defender, which is the really clunky one and comes with a screen protector. Def worth the money IMO

(Dec 22 '12 at 08:48) trueb trueb's gravatar image

Oh!! Well the spell sheck depends on the keyboard so that's why I told you to get a keyboard tweak from the store ( heard swift key is nice )

And to avoide stutter and add some speed to your browsing I and criss parilo ( according to a tldr vedio ) suggest dolphin

Try it I also use dolphin

Reply if you need any other help if I can ill figuar it out and send it back

answered Dec 24 '12 at 09:03

Themanwhoasksalot's gravatar image


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