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I was just browsing doing my thing when all of a sudden some things pop up asking me to install from browser than a purple screen pops up on the screen, I figure restart should do it but now it's coming come up boot just after all my main apps load, The task manager still loads but I suspect fowl software because there is a DLL in startup I've never seen before wgsdgsdgdsgsd.dll and it seems to be associating itself with run32.dll.. I've read about it being ransomware, though I've also read about blinking purple screen after boot aswell though this isn't a blinking purple screen it's solid purple. Any ideas would be awesome.

asked Dec 29 '12 at 23:24

unoaphex's gravatar image


install MalwareBytes update and then do a full system scan, delete what is found. your computer is infected with 'ransomware', if you google the .DLL you typed out it's the first things that come up.

answered Dec 29 '12 at 23:52

roguekiller23231's gravatar image


I am running Windows defender, i managed to launch in safemode if it doesn't work that'll be my next approach thanks. I googled the DLL and that's what I found but the links i found seemed shady at best (maybe i did an improper search) regardless, thank you for backing up my finds with a second opinion.

(Dec 30 '12 at 00:27) unoaphex unoaphex's gravatar image

I ran defender and than downloaded malware bytes and it seemed to work. i don't know which one did it but malwarebytes found a bunch more stuff than defender did. Anyway thanks for the response.

(Dec 30 '12 at 01:47) unoaphex unoaphex's gravatar image
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