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Hi y'all. Does anyone know of any good cheap full tower cases? I need one because I want to add a triple rad on my main machine, but I don't want to go out and spend money for something like a Shinobi XL or even a Silverstone TJ11...Thanks

asked Jan 01 '13 at 07:28

ArmedAlpaca's gravatar image


Well, firstly, the TJ11 is a very expensive example. you can't get a decent full tower for much under £100 in the UK and I don't think it would be much different anywhere else. The full tower spec is a premium thing, and to be completely fair, if you're going to be building something that needs water cooling, you really shouldn't cheap out on the case.

answered Jan 01 '13 at 11:04

Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

Tim Fontana

It's simply not possible to get a cheap full tower case. However, if you would buy one today, NZXT (A brand that I love and trust) has their Phantom PHAN-001WT case on Newegg with an instant savings of $25. You can fill out a rebate form, and NZXT will give back $15. This case normally costs $120, but with all of the savings today, you can get it for $80.

For $80 in the full tower segment, you won't find anything worth using, so this is the best that I can recommend.


answered Jan 01 '13 at 14:36

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edited Jan 01 '13 at 14:45

By the way, I use the black and orange NZXT Phantom, and I love it!

(Jan 01 '13 at 14:44) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

That tower does seem well reviewed from what I have seen previously online.

Though the choice of a triple radiator could be problematic since very few cases even those supporting the length will be catering to the thicker versions.

Even the Coolermaster Cosmos II can depending on the motherboard design require thinner radiators.

Fractal Design Define XL, Corsair Obsidian 800d are other possibilities.

Cheap and Good are I think contradictory here, where you really will I think get what you pay for.

(Jan 01 '13 at 22:39) EnvoyOfTheEnd EnvoyOfTheEnd's gravatar image

My logic is, if you're going to have a triple radiator, you're not concerned for the best bang per buck, so I don't even see why he wants a case that is cheap.

Air is much cheaper, and nearly as effective as water. I like to use the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and that does a terrific job!

(Jan 01 '13 at 23:55) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

Do you really need a full tower do hang a radiator somewhere? How about the optical drive bay room? If you are going on a budget thats the sort of solution to be looking for. High Tower pc housings are by nature quite pricey as their market segment is quite small and it needs quite a bit of strong, fairly thick metal to be built. MIDI towers can only go so cheap because everybody and their dog buys them and you can get away with making those out of cheaper materials.

answered Jan 02 '13 at 05:59

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