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Recently a friend my mine wanted to get a group of us together, make a web-site (Site removed as it is solicitation and not needed for this question) record video clips for the site, of course uploading the videos to YouTube, with the hopes of being accepted to Google AdSense. My friend who made and maintains the site has been faced with the issue of apparently not having domain ownership. He goes through 1and1.com for his host, which he is paying for. Now, he has gotten a confirmation email saying that he has been approved for AdSense, but when he goes to log in, the same thing happens, a page comes up saying he does not have domain ownership. He has done everything that he has been informed to by the AdSense program, he has even looked up information and videos from other people who explain how to "quickly get accepted by Google AdSense" yet it still does not work. We are trying to get paid for our videos on YouTube, but this consistent issue of being accepted and denied to log in completely is frustrating and annoying. He has called YouTube and they just directed him to use Google to figure it out. How would he show that he has domain ownership so he can finally be fully accepted to the Google AdSense?

asked Jan 01 '13 at 19:23

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Asked: Jan 01 '13 at 19:23

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