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So my dad sent me one of those Keurig single cup coffee makers for Christmas. I received it about a week before the holiday, so I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and boy do I love it. I'd told my dad I'd really appreciated the grind-and-drip coffee maker he'd bought me several years ago, but I never expected he'd be sending me a $200 coffee machine. (He sent me the best one available, or at least one of the most expensive ones.)

As much as I'm enjoying the coffee maker, it's an expensive product to use. Similarly to printers, you have to keep buying expensive little K-Cups, pre-packed packages of finely-ground coffee to use with the device. I've discovered there are filter kits you can buy for the Keurig so that you can use any coffee you'd like, regardless of whether a K-Cup for your favorite coffee brand or flavor is available. I'm not sure if this will damage the machine, however -- and even more importantly, whether the coffee will taste as good that way as it does using the K-Cups.

I enjoy coffee, but I don't enjoy emptying my wallet frivolously. Does anyone have advice on how to enjoy using a Keurig coffee maker without going broke? Has anyone with experience using the device used a filter kit with the device? If so, how did that experience compare with using the K-Cups? Have you found websites or any discounters that offer the K-Cups at a price point you find to be reasonable? What other ways am I not considering that I may employ to save my hard-earned cash (and please do not answer "stop drinking coffee", because it ain't gonna happen)?

asked Jan 02 '13 at 08:51

Harold's gravatar image


The best way is to buy cheap K cups or else try reusable K Cups

answered Jan 03 '13 at 14:58

sam221's gravatar image


Thanks, Sam! I wonder if the reusable K-Cups are the filter kits my girlfriend has been talking about. I'm looking into it. Thanks again.

(Jan 03 '13 at 15:28) Harold Harold's gravatar image
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Asked: Jan 02 '13 at 08:51

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