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Okay, i'm having an issue where whenever I upload a video to YouTube, any other computer including the one i'm uploading from, goes offline. If i'm in a Skype call, it drops while uploading. This is really starting to get annoying. My router is a Netgear N600 (3700v3) and my wireless card is a Rosewill 450 MBs PCIe card. Please help! :(

asked Jan 02 '13 at 16:46

mrgeekgnome's gravatar image


do you have any other wireless devices that you can use to upload a video. (want to make sure that the rosewill wifi card is not overheating or having driver issues)

if it happens with multiple devices, or if your only other device is a smartphone, then see if your other wifi device can browse the web while the connection drop happens on the system uploading system.

(before we can move much further, we need to find which device is having the issue)

answered Jan 02 '13 at 17:01

Razor512's gravatar image


If I upload from my phone, it goes down too. Anything that uploads takes down the internet connection from all other devices. It did it on my old computer too with a Netgear WN311B PCI card.

(Jan 02 '13 at 17:08) mrgeekgnome mrgeekgnome's gravatar image

I believe your router my be going bad. I have seen similar problems over the years. I would also make sure your firmware is upgraded to current version and your router is running cool.

Try temporarily plugging your computer you are using into the modem directly rather than through the router and uploading the file. If it works, you need to look at router.


answered Jan 03 '13 at 06:34

dan501's gravatar image


Hey, I'm no pro at this, but it could be just the fact that you have a slow upload speed and youtube is just using it all up. The easy explanation - your internet connection needs to send out data packets, get replies, interpret them, send out new packets and so on. It could that you can not send out packets while uploading. Try installing something like NetLimiter and limit the upload speed to something decent and do some tests.

answered Jan 03 '13 at 09:56

EchoShot's gravatar image


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