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I am a mac user and I'm interested in a Galaxy Note 2 can I access the iCloud.com website from it? I tried with my original galaxy tab 7 with Dolphin and Jetpack but it lags so much I don't know if it's my tablet (Single core 1GHz) that is to slow or the website that won't work on android.

asked Jan 03 '13 at 22:33

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You can use Android to access the iCloud website but you have to check the "Request desktop site" box in the browser settings, then it will tell you that your browser is unsupported and you have to click ignore. It was not bad on my HP Touchpad running Android Jelly Bean. Was able to use Find my iPhone without a problem.

On my Samsung Captivate Glide running Ice Cream Sandwich, I had to also click Desktop site, and then select ignore again. The experience on my phone was much slower and harder to use than the Touchpad. However, if you could get zoomed out it was still barely usable. It did eventually load Find my iPhone but I couldn't zoom out to use it.

I didn't have time to test any other devices and using Google Chrome might work better these were done using the stock browser. Hopefully this helps you.

answered Jan 04 '13 at 01:22

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