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I am trying to provide a better "arduino experience" for Windows users: http://goo.gl/KF7E9 so making something simple in RT/modern UI seems interesting enough (not interesting enough to spend the full money for that limited tablet by the way)

Any suggestion?

asked Jan 04 '13 at 19:53

Erwin%20Ried's gravatar image

Erwin Ried

I am a little confused as to what you want

do you want to install the arduino IDE on RT to develop on it? which you cant do, unless someone has already made and app for it.

Or do you want to create your own IDE to run on RT?

No one will give you a discount or a free RT to play with, if you want to do this you have to be interested in shelling out the money to develop for it.

answered Jan 04 '13 at 20:20

trueb's gravatar image


First, will be nice to get the Arduino running, the Hardware with a Modern UI app. Hacking RT or something. Second, of course a modern IDE will be nice, but I think that's another beast.

I am just asking to see if someone knows a developer program or something (or someone from the Surface team to contact). I spent a lot of time coding the enhancements for the Arduino IDE for free so I know for sure that this should be more like a personal passion rather than a business, hence I will never think in buying that version of a Tablet if I had to pay for it. (I want to buy Pro when it arrives my country anyway, but the IDE already runs ok on Win8)

(Jan 04 '13 at 20:28) Erwin Ried Erwin%20Ried's gravatar image

The only way you might be able to pull this off is if you can get someone who already owns one (or more) to give you one. You will not be able to get one straight from MS. You're unlikely to get one from a retailer for free without a connection to a store owner.

You may be able to get a discount from a retailer if you buy a large quantity of them (probably a number way higher than you're looking for).

I won't comment on the Arduino IDE as it's not really all that important to the actual question.

answered Jan 04 '13 at 22:02

Zbob750's gravatar image


Well, for sure the idea with Arduino is to Exchange that work into the platform for the Tablet. I saw somebody asking for support in RT for their Arduino and looking online there are nothing about this yet. That's why it looks like a nice challenge (but requires the hardware, and in particular that version)

(Jan 04 '13 at 23:34) Erwin Ried Erwin%20Ried's gravatar image

To MS and other retailers you're basically asking for a free/discounted device with the promise that you work in their ecosystem and develop and port applications to it.(I assume?).

The issue is that no one has announced that they will be doing a discount program or anything like it. Which is why your best bet is to find someone who is also interested in your idea/work/future/etc and ask if they have a spare they could give you for free or sell to you for a discounted price.

(Jan 05 '13 at 14:36) Zbob750 Zbob750's gravatar image
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