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Have you all seen the ubuntu phone? Its now on the ubuntu website. Do you think this os will compete or even sell well alongside iOS and Android. And how long before it becomes its own branch all together?

asked Jan 04 '13 at 22:46

Urgebot1777's gravatar image


I think at the start it will be competing more with Windows Phone 8. They will be competing for third place. If it manages to beat Windows Phone, then it may become a major competitor of Android-based devices and the iPhone.

answered Jan 05 '13 at 02:25

ryebread761's gravatar image


I can honestly tell you that I will be getting one.

answered Jan 06 '13 at 00:27

Drmgiver's gravatar image


I think it'll be fighting Mozilla's, what is it, Firefox OS? long before it even gets to Windows Phone 8 devices. Assuming that it can take WP8 (I haven't seen enough of it to speculate) then it might make it to lower-end Android devices. The issue is that Canonical is not a household name, most people have never heard of them. Hell, most people have never heard of Ubuntu.

Personally I haven't seen enough of this phone to really be swayed to use it. I'd probably stick with Android or even WP8. As more information is released we'll obviously learn more but at the moment there really isn't enough there to entice... anyone hardly.

Here's my uninformed and blatant speculation:

In the short run: Heeelllllllll no

In the long run: Eh plausible but unlikely.

answered Jan 06 '13 at 00:36

Zbob750's gravatar image


edited Jan 06 '13 at 00:37

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