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A lot of people who boast about there super computer at my job always say they have 64gbs of ram, and although more is better, do you really need 64gbs! I mean how many programs do you have running at the same time? I know its not 64gbs worth of multitasking!so I wanted someone else view on this. Do you really need 64gbs of ram?

asked Jan 05 '13 at 00:13

Nabil%20Moufid's gravatar image

Nabil Moufid

You need to define need. It depends on what you do with it. If you have a PC just for things like internet and (hardcore) gaming you are not going to need it by a long shot (as in, i'd be suprised if even the heaviest titles consume more then 10%) but if you run Virtual Machines for whatever reason having these amounts of ram may not be silly at all. Or a Ramdisk like nb44wwrc suggested, that will go through such a space pretty quickly.

Generally though, having these amounts of Ram is along the same lines as buying two (or more even) of the biggest fattest graphics cards there are and putting them in SLI/Crossfire. There's no way in the infinity of the universe you will ever need that for anything before its antique but it does not stop people from investing insane amounts of money in such things. Nerds version of an expensive car really.

answered Jan 05 '13 at 04:44

AlphaBootis's gravatar image


No, I doubt anyone really needs that much RAM. That being said, RAM can still be useful if you're not multitasking. If you use RAMDisk, you can allocate a portion of your RAM to use as a drive and get read/write speeds many times faster than an SSD. If you're doing any scratch-disk work with Premiere or Vegas or anything like that, even installing a game, load times will be many times quicker.

answered Jan 05 '13 at 00:17

nb44wwrc's gravatar image


It'll depend on what you are doing with the computer itself. If your dealing with huge databases as such then yes you might need that much memory. Since applications like Oracle will use a lot of memory for things like that. Or if you are dealing with a lot of data that is finical reason where you are dealing with several gigabytes at a time. Then yes the more memory will help out. But you would be needing at the end something like a super computer to deal with the amount of data that is being used at any given time and the speed at which the datat is being moved. I remember seeing something from Cray super computers where they had a deskside computer called the CX-1 that had high bandwidth in the tera or petaflops. It was mind blowing to see something like that just for a deskside machine.


answered Jan 05 '13 at 15:36

Compucore's gravatar image


The most i've ever used, was 14.1 gb, that was with premier rendering a 1080P video, Camtasia Studio rendering another 1080P video, 12 internet explorer apps, and 2 virtual machines... (W7 & Small business server),

All this on a Core i7 860 that was humming along at 80% @ 3.4 ghz, so I think 64 gb would be just for show factor, or a riduculous RAMdisk, because you'd be CPU limited way before you get RAM limited in that case.

answered Jan 05 '13 at 20:35

cal920c's gravatar image


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