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I've heard they are going to come out around may, I have an iPhone 4S right now, Do you think it's worth the wait? I just don't know if I can stand the Apple environment for much longer.

asked Jan 09 '13 at 00:20

coolduckey's gravatar image


I believe it is worth the wait. I currently have an S2 and have been waiting for a release of the S4 to see if that will be my future phone. With the new Qualcomm processors out I am hopeful other manufactures step up and create some heavy hitting phones.

Regarding the Note 3 there is too little on the rumour side and if the rumours are correct I believe the phone will be too big. Current rumour is that it will be a 6.3" phone which, IMO, is way too high. .7" more and you have a Nexus 7 which is crazy. I am not saying it will be a bad phone but I think even a phablet has a limit on size.

Look into Sony or LG phones as well. The nexus 4 is quite hot ( whenever it is not sold out ) for pure unadulterated android :) By the time the Note 3 comes out I'm sure the rumoured Nexus X will be out!

answered Jan 09 '13 at 02:46

Kal's gravatar image


Yes the reason I have held off on purchasing the Nexus 4 is because of the lack of LTE. Eventhough I live in Canada and my carrier Rogers supports the hackable nexus 4 lte, I still want REAL LTE.

(Jan 14 '13 at 19:20) coolduckey coolduckey's gravatar image

Honestly for a new phone no contract at 350$, personally I could care less :p LTE is not worth it unless you are using your browser and even then HSPA+ is fast enough depending on your area. Here in Chicago I get about 12 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up. Also the hackable LTE in the nexus 4 is "real LTE" since it is a LTE chip it just isn't advertised :)

(Jan 14 '13 at 20:16) Kal Kal's gravatar image
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