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I have a black-brown desk and all my gadgets are black (with the exception of my aluminum MBP). I'm getting a K360 keyboard and I like the white color, but I'm worried it'll look stupid with with a black/grey logitech M515 mouse. The dark grey variant of the keyboard would probably be better, but I really like the ivory keyboard more than the grey one. Any thoughts?

asked Jan 09 '13 at 22:17

pavleap's gravatar image


the color should not matter since you wont be looking at them while gaming and doing other stuff. Since black is the most common color, it pretty much goes with everything.

Though you need to consider that low profile keys are not good for gaming or extended typing sessions.

Those keys have shorter life spans and also tend to use cheap contact pads (essentially conductive traces printed on a plastic sheet, instead of the more quality copper traces on a standard PCB which are common on expensive keyboards)

answered Jan 10 '13 at 01:04

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edited Jan 10 '13 at 01:17

"...but I really like the ivory keyboard more than the grey one."

And there's your answer. You like the ivory- get the ivory. The rest of this is your head trying to cause a bit of doubt to your first impression (your gut).

Go ivory, because it's what you really want.

Cheers! :)

answered Jan 11 '13 at 02:41

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Thanks for the answers and in the end I just ended up ordering the ivory. :)

answered Jan 12 '13 at 00:13

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Good for you!

Glad to help ;)

answered Jan 12 '13 at 01:46

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