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My house does not have any landline phone. It is available, we just dont want it. So if I call 911 on my mobile phone for an emergency, do I have to give them my location(my address)? Or will they automatically know?

asked Jan 14 '13 at 16:10

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... you will give them the information they ask for...

they have the ability to get your location, but if they ask you for an address just give it to them.

answered Jan 14 '13 at 17:46

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911 towers are universal and are part of a connected network. However, where your 911 phone call gets directed is another matter. If your cell phone is from an area code different from where you live you will have to change your settings so your phone call does not get directed to that area code. Each phone is different in how this can be accomplished. Click around on it or check with your provider. If your cell phone is not from a different area code then your 911 call will be routed to the nearest dispatch center to where you are located when you make the call; whether it be your home, on the road, in the mall, etc. This helps the dispatch center provide the fastest response to you and your emergency. However, it is always nice to provide them with as much information as possible; desciption of yourself, vehicle, home, landmarks, etc. This can only help them get to you faster. Which is never a bad thing.

Good luck!


answered Jan 15 '13 at 09:42

Keith%20Cedergren's gravatar image

Keith Cedergren

For all phones, they can get your general location instantly based on the towers but it is never accurate enough to determine which house you are in.

Some phones and 911 system combinations allow your phone to automatically transmit your GPS location to the dispatcher once you dial an emergency number.

Another way they can look up your info is based on the address registered to the phone (this info in generally available instantly from a land line phone but is not as important for cellphones as they do not expect them to be at your home location 100% of the time)

It is best to always be able to give your address or info on the location as accurately as possible.

regardless of the phone they will always have some info instantly available (and as long as you are not using one of those cheap no registration needed prepaid phones they can often see the address registered, meaning just dialing the number is enough for them to eventually find you but it is not as fast as telling them your location when on a cellphone.

answered Jan 15 '13 at 10:07

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