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I've been getting these emails from someone running for mayor in NYC, and I'm trying to figure out how did they get my email and where I live at? Surely this can't be accessed by anyone. I never signed up for any notifications by him or anything. This kind of scares me if my info is out there like an open book.

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asked Jan 20 '13 at 00:27

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DJ Scooby Doo

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Some campaign will simply purchase a large e-mail list just like most spammers do.

I have an e-mail address that I use for registering for free samples and it gets spammed with e-mails from idiots running campaigns so that they can step their corruption to the next level.

Only the accounts that I have that i have used on a bunch of sites to get free samples are the only ones that have gotten those types of e-mail. (if you regularly sign up for free samples, then make sure that you are using a different e-mail)

answered Jan 20 '13 at 11:43

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You may be give your details to any other sites . And there is a chance they may sell to any marketing company ..This may be the way of your personal detail get to thes marketer . One think you can do simple ignor and report spam to gmail Or there is any "unsubscrib"button ? Simpley click on that and follow the instruction.

Do not replay to this kind of spam.

answered Jan 20 '13 at 05:06

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what ever you do DON'T reply, this is spam, if you reply or try to stop the messages they then know you are there and getting the messages, just delete them and move on, I also have an email address here in Oz where we also report this type of email, there is probably one where you are as well, Google report spam Blessings Larry

answered Jan 21 '13 at 03:11

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