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I have created a folder in Dropbox and a link to share the files in a link. However, now that I have transferred the files into the Dropbox folder, how can I put them in a certain order and move the files around -- such as left-clicking and dragging a folder upwards or downwards and organizing them in a certain order?

I also wanted to ask if there is a limit on how many files can be in one folder?

I have looked -- but to no avail -- to find out if this is possible. It will let me change by date and date modified and by the type of file, but if I left-click on it to move it to a different position in the folder, I just get a little black circle with a line through it and it stays in the same place.

I'm at a loss for how to do it.

PS I have the free version.

asked Feb 24 '13 at 00:09

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From a computer or a mobile?

(Feb 24 '13 at 00:23) hyderpotter hyderpotter's gravatar image

No, there is no limit to how many files can be in one folder as long as you don't exceed your allotted storage amount.

answered Feb 24 '13 at 01:03

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Do you mean making folders within a folder and dragging your files around that way to better organize them? If so, you can do this the way you would normally organize something in Windows Explorer/Finder, depending on your OS. When you're in your Dropbox folder in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) -- the place where your Documents, etc., can be accessed -- you can go into your Dropbox folder and create new folders within the thing itself instead of dealing with it on the website. There may be an option to organize files/folders aphabetically, but I'm not sure. After a quick Google Search, this page on the Microsoft website may help you (it's about sorting and grouping files, such as pictures, and how to go about doing it). If you're using a Mac, there should be an option after selecting all and right-clicking (or tapping with two fingers/doing a secondary click on the trackpad) and going to "Arrange by" in the context menu, and then selecting "Name," assuming you'd like to arrange your files alphabetically. The same can be achieved by pressing the button with the picture of the gear with the downwards-pointing arrow next to it (to the left of the search field at the top of the Finder window) in whatever folder you're in, and selecting the same options. Dropbox doesn't have a file limit, but there is a space limit. Typically, I believe people start out with around 2-2.5 gigabytes of space, and they can attain more through various means. You can create sub-folders within your main Dropbox folder and drag your files into them. Your files should be able to be accessed from any computer you have your Dropbox account synced to, as well as from a friends' computer, assuming you shared any files or folders with them. I could also be completely misinterpreting the question you're asking, and if I am, I'm sorry, but hey, at least I tried. :D

answered Feb 25 '13 at 19:14

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