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strong text Can you help me? I believe I am experiencing wireless interference with my security system. As a matter of fact, I think that my home security system which is a radio system is being by passed and someone is entering my home. I had an analog security system for years, but last spring changed to a wireless system, mainly so that I could change my house phone to a Verizon wireless one...mainly to save money. My old keypads, I have two, one upstairs, one down, make a buzzing, staticy(sp) sound when the alarm goes off and even sometimes without the alarm being involved. I noticed one night that the keypad started buzzing when an airplane flew over my home. Airplanes have wireless capability...so that's why I made the correlation. But it also happens without the presence of airplane noise. I have a cell phone, a blue tooth, a WIFI router for my internet and cable (U verse), a cordless phone, an e reader and of course a microwave. My control box is in a hall closet. My computer is in a room directly across from the hall closet. The phone and microwave are located in an adjacent room, actually, my kitchen and family room combo. The alarm company checked and claims this noise coming from my keypads is normal interference. They didn't charge for the service call?!?!? Is the alarm company duping me out of my money monthly for something that they know is possible but don't want the general public to know? Is it possible that someone can bypass my system if they have a key to get in my home? If the Pentagon can be hacked, can't my home security system be hacked as well? (I know it's possible to get a Key copy or even make one.) I'd appreciate any insight into my problem. I apologize for the length of the explanation. First time/rookie/non techno type.

asked Feb 26 '13 at 14:36

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If you think your home is being breached, take immediate measures to prevent it. Change the locks on all your doors and check each aspect of the security system. If said security system is controlled by a company, phone them and make them aware of your concern and ask them to come and look at the system..

If even after all this you still have reason to believe there is an issue with your security system, look to change it, or involve the authorities if you feel it necessary.

answered Feb 26 '13 at 15:10

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Tim Fontana

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