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is the moon landing a hoax or did we really land on the moon, if so why the hell haven't wee been their again, just doesn't make sence.

asked Jun 08 '10 at 17:46

jakek090's gravatar image



If you want to call it a hoax, look into the waving of the flag. There's no wind on the moon.

(Jun 08 '10 at 17:47) tsilb tsilb's gravatar image

The flag waved becausse to be abble to stick it in the ground they had to 'wiggle' it.

(Jun 08 '10 at 17:50) Daxmau5 Daxmau5's gravatar image

I think you're referring to less resistance. The moon does still have a gravitational pull, and objects can still have momentum on the moon.

(Jun 09 '10 at 08:56) Seb Seb's gravatar image

No is was not a scam.

(Jun 09 '10 at 09:30) MichaelTheGeek2 MichaelTheGeek2's gravatar image

What makes you think it was a scam?

(Jun 09 '10 at 09:51) Seb Seb's gravatar image

No, the moon landing*s* (there were more than one!) were not a hoax. Anyone who has looked at the moon rocks brought back my human hands from the lunar regolith, or stood beneath the massive Saturn V rocket at Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX,) Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, FL,) or in Huntsville, AL, has seen first hand the awesome capacity to do big things that we humans have when we push ourselves. Larger still, one need only see the gargantuan Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Canaveral, FL -- a building originally created to permit vertical assembly of the Saturn V rocket for the Apollo program; the building is so tall and cavernous, it has its own naturally-occurring weather systems (rainclouds, fog) inside.

All these things, coupled with the men who are still alive today to share their stories (and three who are not, because they died in a pad abort test--Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee and Ed White,) are incontrovertible proof we have sent humans to the moon, safely landed them there and returned them home... not once, but six times:

  • Apollo 11, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins
  • Apollo 12, 1969, Charles (Pete) Conrad, , Alan Bean, Richard Francis Gordon
  • Apollo 14, 1971, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Stuart Roosa
  • Apollo 15, 1971, David Scott, James Irwin, Alfred Worden
  • Apollo 16, 1972, John Young, Charles Duke, Thomas Mattingly
  • Apollo 17, 1972, Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, Ronald Evans

answered Jun 09 '10 at 17:33

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦

edited Jun 09 '10 at 17:33

...but you have to admit... if we want to, are now (..and were even back in 69) VERY able to make it LOOK like we went to the moon even if we didn't.

(Jun 09 '10 at 17:43) mediafuser mediafuser's gravatar image

Again, you're missing the point... hoaxing all the human moon landings is more than just camera tricks and models, it's a vast conspiracy that would still have to be alive and well today because we have real, tangible, available-to-scientists-and-historians artifacts from that era including the men who set foot there and the hundreds of thousands of people who worked on the Apollo program. Frankly, I find it ludicrous and laughable that anyone could be so simplistic as to think it was all faked to psyche out the Russians. We can't even cap an oil leak at the bottom of the ocean and we faked 6 manned moon landings, faked nearly losing an entire moon-bound crew (Apollo 13), faked (by actually killing) three moon-bound astronauts in a pad abort fire... ?? sigh

(Jun 09 '10 at 23:44) ageekmom ♦ ageekmom's gravatar image

Yes, we are now VERY able to make it LOOK like we went to the moon, however I reckon for a significant price and some training we're also ACTUALLY ABLE TO GO TO THE MOON! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_tourism

(Jun 09 '10 at 23:49) Seb Seb's gravatar image

no. The Mythbusters tested several of the most common Hoax Stories, like the footprint and the shadow myths!

answered Jun 08 '10 at 17:49

One5860's gravatar image



Mythbusters tests are flawed. Like firing a chicken at a windscreen on the ground is going to have the same effect as firing a chicken at a windscreen 2000 foot up in the air, where there is less pressure in the cabin keeping the windscreen from smashing.

(Jun 09 '10 at 08:51) Seb Seb's gravatar image

yes we have, never really needed to (i mean what would we get from it), and thats why we've moved to mars and the I.S.S. because those are new and show promise.

answered Jun 08 '10 at 17:49

bobfreeman814's gravatar image


i think it must of happend the americans wouldn't of risked faking it.

answered Jun 09 '10 at 08:42

metajakek's gravatar image


no it wasnt what do they have some fancy studio where the made a fake landing that would be a no

answered Jun 09 '10 at 09:34

Adam%20Jones's gravatar image

Adam Jones

We will find out soon, as I think japan or someone is sending up some satellites to take photos. These photos should show the crater and everything that they used when they where up there.

answered Jun 09 '10 at 09:50

20robo10's gravatar image


They put three retro-reflector arrays on the moon to prove that they were there. Anybody with sophisticated laser equipment can shine a laser beam to a precise spot on the moon, and the beam will bounce back.

answered Jun 09 '10 at 10:17

chadt4's gravatar image



cool! (Y)

(Jun 09 '10 at 17:04) jakek090 jakek090's gravatar image

i doubt my 1mw laser will really be enough?

(Jun 09 '10 at 17:05) jakek090 jakek090's gravatar image
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