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Do you find that Google Translate is wrong? What I noticed is that when it translates to Japanese, at times it is too literal and the same thing you say in english, sound strange in Japanese. Is this also true for other languages?

asked Jun 11 '10 at 05:32

Pixle101's gravatar image


Yes, Google Translate is sometimes wrong.

For example, the French phrase "Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette" means "I am not feeling well", but literally translates to "I am not in my plate".

Often times, it's hard to automate the translation of idioms. It's much harder to translate idioms than simply words, at least.

answered Jun 11 '10 at 05:35

strager's gravatar image


I never thought of trying French, however, I learned it as a child in Louisiana and have not used it since 6. Also, I believe the Cajun French is almost another language when compared to France French.

(Jun 11 '10 at 05:54) Pixle101 Pixle101's gravatar image

Computers can't (at least now) replace human brain. It would be hard to code in the every option where the word might be used in a sentence, as humans it comes naturally. Computers don't actually think, they do what they are told to. I for instance can see how badly Google Translate is mistaken by translating Estonian-English and vice versa.

answered Jun 11 '10 at 06:07

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