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Ever since I started chatting in Chris' IRC room I have heard nothing but negative things about Comcast, their service and high prices.

About 2 years ago I moved back to Tennessee from South Mississippi and found that Comcast was my only choice for internet and cable television. Because of what I heard I was afraid at what I would find and experience. I signed up and must say that I got a pretty decent deal. I pay about $60 per month for expanded cable and the fastest internet speed available. Keep in mind that my apartment complex pays for basic cable so I only pay for the expanded (No premiums).

Over the past year and a half I have experienced maybe 2 outages not caused by bad weather and they were fixed quickly, usually within 8 hours. Customer service, for me, has been very good and as a customer service rep for a large cell phone company, I am a hard critic of other customer service personnel.

Their "On Demand" impresses me to no end. Hundreds of movies, television shows and series all there for free waiting on me to press the play button whenever I want to. Comcast's On Demand puts Direct TV's to shame in my opinion.

So, my question is, is Comcast so bad? If so, why? What has been your experience? Please think about your answer, don't just bash them without an explanation of why you feel the way you do.

asked Jun 18 '10 at 00:04

teddgcm's gravatar image


I know what you mean about the negative things that are posted. I have been a Comcast customer for about 14 years now, before that the company in this area was AT&T Roadrunner.

First off, I have never had any issues with my cable TV... Sure you have your storms that knocks out the lines every now and then but that's normal and they are never out for long, it would seem they get right on it. I have had cable for a long time and have done all the upgrading as time and technology progresses... from basic, to expanded, to expanded digital etc... Sure the price goes up over time but with new technology and the natural course of time and economics... It's nothing to drastic, do I wish it was less...well yeah if they offered for cheaper or for free it would be great, but since my magic cable wand doesn't exists yet, I guess I'll just do what comes naturally and pay the bill.

Secondly, their internet is the best thing on the planet as far as home service providers go. It's much faster and more reliable than 56K dial-up, or even the so called "high speed" DSL... quite frankly I'm surprised Verizon and other companies that are calling DSL "high speed" aren’t sued for false advertising... Sure it's higher than regular 56K dial-up, but it's still in the realm of dial-up service, no where near the speeds that I would consider fast. As far as Comcast Internet is concerned, the speed is there, the network stability is there, and the customer service to back it all up is there.... I've never had issues with my cable modem, the speeds that I connect at, the customer service, or even the price in all the years I've had them. Once again, free or cheaper is always better, but we need to remember $19.95 mth. for 56K... could we ever go back, would ever pay that much for such a slow connection?.... I don't think if it was the only thing available in my area that I would ever pay that price for that speed. So $40'ish dollars for Comcast HIGH SPEED Internet is defiantly worth the price and is more than reasonable.

And Finally Comcast Phone Service, I can tell you this much, it's 100 times more reliable than my old regular phone line. Every storm we had the phone would go out, we'd call the polite Verizon customer service from the cell phone, and they would send someone right out...2 days later... the tech would come out and I'd tell him if he just moved the line away from the tree that it's going threw, they probably wouldn't have to come out and fix it all the time, and I might even get a clear connection... but they would never move the line and they'd be out at the next storm only to go threw everything once again... If I remember, I was paying $47.00 mth. for Verizon phone line, and it was never a clear line, and always getting ripped off the house from the tree that the line was going threw... I'm paying $45.00'ish mth. including the phone modem rental, including all the bells and whistles which was an addition fee with Verizon, and including long distance which was separate with Verizon...

So, I'm like the person that wrote this original posting thinking... are those people talking negative about Comcast sure they are connected to Comcast?... Because it sure doesn't sound like the company that I'm used to dealing with over the last 14 or so years. Maybe it has to do with something regional, IE... bad lines in certain areas, different call centers for different areas, if these people really are talking about the same Comcast that I'm connected to, then something somewhere has to be different, cause I'm looking at these postings of negativity towards Comcast as if the people have two heads or any clue what their talking about. As far as pricing goes... the economy is in a bad place at the moment and any break would be nice... which is why if you call Comcast they can offer you lower prices temporarily, but they also cut back the service a little bit... at least they did a couple of months ago when I called to have services added and wondered about a deal...that's what they told me.

That's all I got on the subject. Have a good one and take care, --Eric

answered Jun 18 '10 at 06:38

Morphyous2051's gravatar image


I've never had a single problem with Comcast with the exception of Monday morning reboots of our HD TV box. The internet has been flawless and consistent. I only have one small issue with their voice service and that is that when I put a block on unknown numbers it expires after 7 days.

As far as customer service goes.. the only times we've had to contact them about our billing has been when our special pricing is about to expire. We ask if they can give us a reason to stay with Comcast rather than move to another service and our new customer pricing is renewed. Going on 6 years of this pattern. ;)

No service is perfect. And, large companies may have regional issues. Unless asked outright, most people don't go out of their way to express publicly how happy they are with their service. But, if they're not happy with it, they'll walk right up to the gates of hell to complain and smear campaign the company. That's the way it works.

So, of course you are going to hear people bitch and moan about how bad their Internet service is. Comcast in this case. I guarantee though.. if you approached their neighbors with the same service, they probably aren't having the same problems. But, ask the whiner.. and he'll swear that EVERYONE is having the same problem. Even you.. whether you know it or not. XD

Labelling an entire company with a blanket statement based on your own personal experience is like saying that all Democrats are hippies and all Republicans are bible thumpers.

answered Jun 19 '10 at 14:03

SpyderBite's gravatar image


edited Jun 19 '10 at 14:07

live in LA where Comcast was bought out by Time Warner, but that doesn't make anything any better. First of all, in LA, the cable and DSL providers do not compete, you are either in one service area or the other, but never both, so there is no choice. I've had terrible experiences with these guys and I have no alternative to even consider. For instance, for three months in a row almost to the day, the local cable drop went down. When this happens, they first send out the normal cable guy a couple of days after you call, but when he arrives, he immediately recognizes the problem as something bigger than just problems with my equipment. This causes a different crew to be called to come out with a cherry picker to fix the problem. The thing is, these guys have a 72 hour response time, so but the time everything is fixed, I've gone without internet service for a week. This happened three months in a row! The only reason I even got credit for all the time they took to fix my net connection is that I called to complain after it was all fixed! This is just the worst thing that has happened so far, there have been many other smaller annoyances. I wish I could change providers, but there is no alternative...

answered Jun 19 '10 at 14:25

nepdude101's gravatar image


One Year ago I would have said Comcast was the best. We are long term Comcast customer of their TV service and have had a cable modem for years with them.

Lately though, I can't say that. As of late they have had major outages for periods of 5 minutes to an hour on different channels and sometimes all TV channels - no explanation is ever given other then the "We will display this channel shortly" message.

Our cable modem which we just upgraded to a faster speed and added phone service - suddenly without warning - all the lights go out, phone service is no more, internet service is gone - generally this now happens from one to three times per DAY and is for times of 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

Again, no explanation, we are given no credit, and if we complain - they threaten that it must be our fault and will charge us a hefty service fee. Except we've checked it inside - all well. As we live in a condo building - the issue would be in the outside box or coming in. If there were a faster service in our area - yep, we would change. We are considereing changing to satelite dish for TV, but that still leaves the computer internet access.

answered Jun 21 '10 at 09:49

Jean%20Donnel's gravatar image

Jean Donnel

Comcast is fairly decent. There are three problems I have with them. First of all, they have a gigabyte cap. I have a Mac Mini as a HTPC and I have to be careful to not exceed that cap. Second, they have a terrible website, which is very unorganized. Lastly, when they upgrade something they downgrade something else. I had my router upgraded to a faster internet speed and they turned off some of my channels. Now I did not watch all of those channels, but they turned of the History channel and some movie channels.

answered Jun 21 '10 at 10:43

GadgetSuperhero's gravatar image


Comcast has many subtle ways of screwing you over

One is the bandwidth cap of 250GB (Upload+Download). 250Gb seems like a lot but you go through it very quickly with just normal usage. and don't believe their estimates of what 250GB can do as they never take into account bandwidth overhead that comes with everything you do online.

They throttle connections. if you want to do a test, create a VPN connection between your system and a friend, then get a program like ixchariot and have it simulate a voip connection, you will see the speed go from a few mbit/s to a few kbit/s over the course of a few hours. The same happens with media streaming and bit torrent traffic (they are no longer blocking torrent connections but they are slowing them down after a while)

Your problems with comcast have not showed them self yet but when you start doing more advanced things or things that compete with comcast services then you will notice the problem of throttling.

(PS the problem is not with the vpn as while the one benchmark has slowed, I can start another voip benchmark and it will also be very slow but I can start a database benchmark and it will be very fast)

answered Jun 21 '10 at 11:36

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edited Jun 21 '10 at 11:46

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