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I wish to create more of an interest in my site, which is basically none so far. i am hoping you guys can help

it is a personal website: tonyrueb.com any ideas of how i can add more interesting content then i have been would be greatly appreciate, thanks

asked Jun 18 '10 at 09:09

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Write about stuff that interests you, but make it interesting (remember people have gotta read it too)

If you run a youtube channel then make the site part of it, i.e get people to go to your site base on something you said in your vid ('you can find more about bla bla by checking my site')

Or. 'there is a poll at my site, go there to vote'

I've seen some sites post 'what would you like to see more of' polls so you can find out what your audience finds most interesting from what you have posted.

I found the bit about webcam spying interesting on your site.

You want people to come back and you need things that will keep people coming back.

Since we are on a Chris Pirillo affiliated site then just look at a few things he has done. He allows people to interact in forums, allows people to post technology blogs, allows people to ask questions while giving them an opportunity to self regulate it and creates articles about things that interest him.

I'm not saying imitate Chris, but look at what he has done or other people who have similar sites and look what they have and why they are popular. I.e why do you enjoy going there? Why is it worth my time?

Post regular updates, people may forget about your site and get bored if nothing happens.

How does my site stand out? because there are so many other sites out there.

What am I trying to get from the website and what is my goal?

I thought the look of the site was pretty good and it was easy to get round.

I hope this helps a little. I'm sure other people will have plenty of other great ideas too.

answered Jun 18 '10 at 10:10

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edited Jun 18 '10 at 10:14

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answered Jul 02 '10 at 09:22

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