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So my new Laptop came with Windows Media Player AND a list of CyberLink software.

  • CyberLink DVD Suite
  • CyberLink MediaShow
  • CyberLink PowerDVD 8
  • CyberLink YouCam

Should I uninstall these and stick with Windows Media Player?

asked Jun 27 '10 at 00:20

John's gravatar image


Well, most applications can be uninstalled, but some things that are on your list is not in windows media player. I think PowerDVD can handle blu-ray disc if your laptop has it, but WMP can't. It has a video converter, which is good but there are some other converters. CyberLink MediaShow is a nice video editor, better than Windows Movie Maker or what is called now. CyberLink YouCam can just an effect addon to a webcan source.

answered Jun 27 '10 at 00:30

kevin's gravatar image

kevin ♦♦

Most of the extra stuff I get when I buy something is crap or useless or just trials. They put those things on products to encourage people to buy the products. The idea is to make the people buying the product think that they are getting more for less money. If you can already the things you want to do with media player you should uninstall them.

answered Jun 27 '10 at 04:12

blackbird307's gravatar image


i wouldnt say u needed to uninstall them, some things may be useful like a burning suite, because software like nero can be expensive. What i usually do, is remove all unnecessary software from startup, to do this just click start and type msconfig press enter and on the window which appears choose the startup tab and uncheck all the software you dont require starting up automatically (i usually just keep my antivirus and a few select other pieces of software like logmein checked) you may also want to change autoplay options and file assosiations.

hope this helps

answered Jun 27 '10 at 05:41

Headwards's gravatar image


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