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Hello, my friend's boyfriend's brother has an iPhone 3G, that is out of warranty, but the buttons are broken, lock button and upper volume rocker. I was wondering if there was on an app on the App Store that can diagnose the problem, so I can crack it open and fix it...(I know the iPhone inside and out), or is there an alternative to Behavior Scan that I can use on my Mac or a PC? Thanks very much!

asked Jun 29 '10 at 14:56

AppleHack23's gravatar image


If you are a developer (a paid member of their computer $99, free developers do not get this benefit) you get a slew of developer tools that can be put on to the phone (usually for system information). This may or may not provide answers you need, Of course this would be Mac only. You can still take the iPhone to a genius bar, but if you want them to actually "fix" anything that's where you'll pay. There may be tools in the jailbraking community, but I don't think it will be worth jailbraking the phone.

answered Jun 30 '10 at 01:02

Alex%20Melton's gravatar image

Alex Melton

I have the tools from the developer program....

(Jun 30 '10 at 12:13) AppleHack23 AppleHack23's gravatar image
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