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A lot of my friends have completely removed a land-line from their home, and use cell phones instead. Do you still have a land-line?

asked Jun 03 '10 at 00:21

mactimezone's gravatar image


Why yes, I still use my land-line. You just can't rely on cell-phones all the time for everyday use, and a physical cable from your home to the phone company is simply much more reliable.

(Jun 03 '10 at 08:44) Apple iGeek Apple%20iGeek's gravatar image

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Cancelled the land line over three years ago. Thank you iPhone

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:27

ajrogers's gravatar image


I'm with Michael here. Comcast package, so there's a landline. I use my cellphone and my MagicJack :)

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:23

Bowler4Ever's gravatar image


How's the MagicJack? I hear that some people have low-quality calls on it.

(Jun 03 '10 at 00:24) mactimezone mactimezone's gravatar image

Cancelled our landline 2 years ago after getting completely peeved by telemarketers. And, bonus: no more false alarm calls to our alarm company when we have family members house sit when we're traveling. No matter how you write the directions to use an alarm system, someone ALWAYS screws up.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:25

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦

I do only because it's part of our comcast package.

Although my parents did use vonage for a while with their wireless internet they have. They finally got rid of that and came into the 2000's and just got cell phones. I guess buying a new house helped them? haha.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:22

Michael's gravatar image


edited Jun 03 '10 at 00:27

I do. Only because it's included with the DSL at one of my locations. It's never really used.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:22

simplydrew's gravatar image


I have Vonage.. that means I have a dry loop line!

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:23

ItsMeBobbyy's gravatar image


I do because it was a great deal with our Comcast package and I do like to use it in place of my cell phone some times.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 00:24

Craighton's gravatar image

Craighton ♦♦

You mean that 1mb line you have? :)

(Jun 03 '10 at 00:26) Michael Michael's gravatar image

Yes, and it never stops ringing! None of the phone calls are for me though of course, I use e-mail!

answered Jun 03 '10 at 06:46

Dangerous's gravatar image


It's part of my Time Warner Cable package called "Triple Play", so yes, I do still have a land line.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 06:51

jhagedon's gravatar image


I keep the landline on for one reason, if we have a power failure (which can be common) we have no phone (as I have a ViOP system in place) I do have a mobile (but sometimes even the mobile goes out) my daughter has anaphylaxis and if there is a problem she needs medical attention sooner rather than later

answered Jun 03 '10 at 07:01

lasaboy's gravatar image


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