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I have $650 and I am going to built a desktop. Will that be a decent gaming computer?

asked Jul 03 '10 at 19:58

Luke%20oX's gravatar image

Luke oX

Don't build your own for $650.

Go to Ebay and buy a gaming comp. You can get "decent" gaming computers for about $450.

(Jul 04 '10 at 21:37) Baoster Wowster Baoster%20Wowster's gravatar image

Wouldn't a more "decent" be $650?

(Jul 04 '10 at 22:01) Luke oX Luke%20oX's gravatar image

Yes, but for $650, you can get a "good" gaming comp off of Ebay, not just a "decent" one.

(Jul 04 '10 at 22:06) Baoster Wowster Baoster%20Wowster's gravatar image

gaming PC's from ebay are ripoffs 99% of them will basically use the cheapest motherboard, memory, power supply, and case that they can find then throw in a mid or low end videocard and a decent CPU, then charge much more than what the parts are worth.

If anyone doesn't believe me, look for a system on ebay then build the same system using parts from newegg.

(Jul 05 '10 at 10:25) Razor512 Razor512's gravatar image

I think of something I had been watching and they build a $600 gaming pc (source: Tekzilla) recentally. may want to look at the parts: http://revision3.com/tekzilla/veronicapc#seek=273:1030

answered Jul 03 '10 at 20:06

kevin's gravatar image

kevin ♦♦

Thank you so much for this video!

(Jul 03 '10 at 20:16) Luke oX Luke%20oX's gravatar image

just referring back to the podcasts I watch.

(Jul 03 '10 at 20:16) kevin ♦♦ kevin's gravatar image

To put it short. No. The case alone will be about $100-300, the mobo will be another $200-300, the processor will be around $250, and the RAM will be at least $100. Then factor in the hard drive, graphics card, etc...

answered Jul 03 '10 at 20:01

chadt4's gravatar image


Decent depends on how hardcore you're going to be gaming. If you're looking to be able to say yes to "But can it run Crysis" (at max settings) then, no, $650 will not be enough. Can you get a PC that will run most current games for that price? Yes.

This popped up on ExtremeTech a couple of days ago.

It doesn't necessarily show you the best products nor the ones you may prefer, but it does show you don't have to spend a fortune to play current gen games.

answered Jul 04 '10 at 21:16

jwonno's gravatar image


Tomshardware recently did a low cost gaming PC build for $550

I checked over it and is is really a good well balanced build for that price, but I recommend that instead of the 2GB memory that the build is using, you use 4GB memory instead. and skip the cooler unless you are going to be overclocking.


The build done on revision3 is also really good but keep in mind that are giving up a CPU with 3 fast cores for a CPU with 4 slightly slower cored that overall make a faster chip, the cheap quad core will benchmark lower in many games but is much more balances when it comes to handling gaming and non gaming tasks such as video encoding and stuff

answered Jul 05 '10 at 10:27

Razor512's gravatar image


edited Jul 05 '10 at 10:33

You might be better off buying a video game console. That way you don't have to worry about upgrading ram or video card.

answered Jul 06 '10 at 17:23

rocky05's gravatar image


I hate console gaming, I've been doing it for my whole life.

(Jul 06 '10 at 19:59) Luke oX Luke%20oX's gravatar image
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