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Assuming you switch your desktop wallpaper periodically, where are your favorite places to download the wallpapers?

I used to change out my desktop wallpaper a lot more often when I a) had a desktop computer vs. a laptop and b) wasn't a parent yet and apparently biologically wired to have a photo of my kidlet on my screen much of the time. ;-)

Just several of my favorite desktop wallpaper sites / locations, off the top of my head:

I know there's A LOT more out there, especially for multiple monitor folks, so please do share! :-)

asked Jun 03 '10 at 01:06

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦

edited Jun 03 '10 at 01:08

The 'Sci-Fi / Artsy stuff' wallpapers place is so cool. It's my most favorite place for wallpapers now. Thanks!

(Oct 02 '10 at 13:56) Mihkel Mihkel's gravatar image

Interfacelift.com is where I get most of my wallpapers.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 01:45

rocky05's gravatar image


edited Jun 03 '10 at 01:46

Deviantart mostly, although if I want something specific I search google for it haha!

answered Jun 03 '10 at 01:17

Michael's gravatar image


Google of course, the source of everything, I just type in what I want a pic of and poof there it is!

answered Jun 03 '10 at 01:56

Black%20Bolcon's gravatar image

Black Bolcon

Interfacelift.com is probably my favorite. I can always find something new for my Mac and iPhone :)

answered Jun 03 '10 at 01:07

simplydrew's gravatar image


bing.com backgrounds and http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/personalize?T1=themes You can get tons of amazing images from those two sites.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 01:30

Nivekv's gravatar image


Deviantart is where I get most of mine but in the past I have found some of my favorite on 4Chan under the wallpaper section.

answered Jun 03 '10 at 01:49

Craighton's gravatar image

Craighton ♦♦

Generally, I use google.com, deviantart, and places with good pics (i.e. the Bungie Weekly Update included some good pics)

answered Aug 24 '10 at 17:06

HHBones's gravatar image


Deviantart and interfacelift are good places, but a another one is http://desktopography.net (you've got to click on the front page). You can get some pretty awesome wallpapers from there. I mostly prefer interfacelift and desktopography.

I usually download a lot of wallpapers at once and stack them up for later use. I change my wallpaper at least twice a month, unless it's something very unique.

answered Oct 02 '10 at 13:50

Mihkel's gravatar image


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