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I have been obsessed with finding the "right" iPhone case ever since I got the 1st gen. iPhone. Through this obsession has sparked my curiosity if I should start a website where one can go and search through the different iPhone cases to find their "right" case. Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

asked Jul 06 '10 at 00:52

shaun_27's gravatar image


I think it would be great but only if executed properly. I'd love to help! :)

answered Jul 06 '10 at 01:02

computerdude's gravatar image


Can you please explain more by what you mean by "executed properly"?

(Jul 06 '10 at 01:07) shaun_27 shaun_27's gravatar image

If you have the right design, market it properly, and go to the right companies at the right time, it would work.

(Jul 06 '10 at 01:10) computerdude computerdude's gravatar image

Same here, I think if you get it just right it will be an absolute hit! Id also love to help on this.

answered Jul 06 '10 at 01:07

rreardon's gravatar image


if you find the content, i.e The best iphone cases on the net, you can then contact these guys TOOLKIT WEBSITES (they are a UK based web design company) they use a very easy CMS (content management system) so when you want to update your website you can easily do it yourself without contacted these guys, i have used them before, they can get you a professional looking website up and running within a week.

I would also recommend you don't only focus on iphone cases, perhaps a website for mobile device casing in general all phone cases, gaming device cases and ipad cases?

answered Jul 06 '10 at 04:40

Headwards's gravatar image


A website that rates, reviews, and compiles iPhone 4 cases would be amazing. I'm literally always in search for a new case for my iPhone since I quickly grow old of them.

answered Jul 06 '10 at 04:56

mosesd's gravatar image


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