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I just got a postion to write on a blog the has been inactive for some time. Its been resigned and stuff....but how do we get people to visit it???

asked Jul 08 '10 at 22:52

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closed Jul 09 '10 at 05:40

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Start writing content. Traffic will come in time.

answered Jul 09 '10 at 02:25

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1.) Advertise it on some sites or talk about it on twitter once in a while. 2.) just start writing blog messages and over time people will return. 3.) try and talk about the site to friends and ask them to spread the word, or do at tweet and ask them to Retweet... Thats all I can think of!

answered Jul 09 '10 at 05:48

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Socialize! Feed your blog's RSS to Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social network you have. Second, link share. Get someone to place you on their blog roll so that their visitors can see your post too, but be polite and make sure you return the favor. Last, post about it. Find a message board or social network that has related interest and as you share regularly on that medium, you can share about your blog too. Also, you can place a link into your signature for emails, posts etc. Letting people you are in contact with know about your site.

Hope that helps.

answered Jul 09 '10 at 06:12

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