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Hello, I love to program, and develop applications that best suit my needs. I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way, and wanted to start a little development team. We could talk and have discussions/meetings over an IRC channel, and share code via email or github. I think it would be a great social experience, as well as something to pass by time. We can come up with ideas and useful tools to help not only ourselves, but other people as well...possibly for a price. I know many of you want one of those shiny new iPhone 4's out there, just like me, but don't have enough money. As a team, we can create something magnificent, and possibly accept donations, or charge for a license to use an application. Now its not my favorite idea of charging money for applications, but if I make an application thats some few thousand lines of code...most likely I'm going to want to be paid. So if you're interested, please email me at AppleHack23@AppleHack23.com if you meet one of the following requirements.

  • Know at least 1 programming language
  • Know HTML and how to make websites without using an online host
  • Good attitude towards others
  • Good at handling issues with products
  • Willing to be a beta tester

If you meet any of those requirements, please email me and I'll email you the login information for the IRC channel and start with the development process. Thanks a lot, and this should be fun!

By the way, the IRC channel is called #HackNCode, tell me what you think of the name. I kind of thought it sounded pretty cool.

asked Jul 09 '10 at 02:27

AppleHack23's gravatar image


edited Jul 09 '10 at 18:43

I am willing to help. Just that I need to know a bit more Java.

answered Jul 09 '10 at 18:44

archaeme's gravatar image


Ok, just email me so I can get you on my email list so I know that you're in.

(Jul 09 '10 at 18:51) AppleHack23 AppleHack23's gravatar image

So.. what are you expecting to develop? When i read your post, it seems like you just want to earn some money..

answered Jul 10 '10 at 11:21

Svendbenno's gravatar image


No that's not my plan, well I would like to earn some money buts that's not my main approach. I want people to join a development team, in which we can make applications that are useful for not only ourselves, but others as well. With many people, there's many ideas, and many ideas means more features the application could have. And also with more people, theres bound to be people within the group that know other programming languages and that can port applications from one operating system to another. It seems like fun to program with other people, and can be a great social experience as well.

(Jul 10 '10 at 11:32) AppleHack23 AppleHack23's gravatar image

I'd be interested however I dont know what OS you were planning on making this app/apps for iOS, Mac, Windows Sorry if you anwserd this some where else... I am currently learning C which may or may not be useful for you but I am primarly interested in the beta testng portion as I've done beta testing for Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla, and others I handle problems quite well and I think this could be an amazing social experience for me & all the others working on this/these projects I have a good attitude towards others and I look forward to seeing this app/apps!

answered Jul 18 '10 at 23:35

Zbob750's gravatar image


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