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My question is what sites do you use to help aid you in the development of your products. Wither web based, programming, flash, video, or graphical. List the top sites you use, what they provide and maybe even what you like about them.

Mine are:

Tutorial Sites / Inspiration -

  • Designshack : Web development techniques, tips, tricks and resources
  • Smashingmagazine : Web development techniques, tips, tricks and resources
  • Noupe : Web development techniques, tips, tricks and resources
  • Tutorial9 : Photoshop & photograpy techniques, tips, tricks and resources
  • PSDTuts : Photoshop resources
  • NetTuts : Web development resources and tutorials
  • PhotoTuts : Photography resources
  • IDesignVectors : Collection of free vectors

Marketplaces -

  • CodeCanyon : Marketplace containing code snippets and full blown web applications ready to be integrated into your site. They have JavaScript, Css, Php, .NET, and various plugins
  • ThemeForest : Marketplace containing quality HTML templates, Email templates, PSD's and themes for Wordpress etc..
  • VideoHive Marketplace containing amazing video graphics and animations... if your looking to beef up your youtube channel this is the place to get busy...
  • GraphicRiver Looking for buttons, avatars, vectors, icons, PSD's of anything or just ideas... this is a good spot .
  • ActiveDen Flash and XML galore!
  • AudioJungle Jingles, beats, chimes, theme music...

More to come... its getting late... Any really good sites posted i will add to my list...

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asked Jul 11 '10 at 01:02

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Jordan Rutty

edited Jul 11 '10 at 01:06

http://www.dreamincode.net is really good community for an array of languages.

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answered Jul 11 '10 at 01:03

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