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If computers never existed, what do think you would be doing?

I probably would have done more drawing and writing, because I was good and would have made even more creations. I would probably be wanting to be a teacher or an artist.

asked Jul 15 '10 at 19:12

decimic's gravatar image


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No one can answer this, because we have become so engulfed into the computer world that it's almost impossible to think what life would be like without it.

answered Jul 15 '10 at 22:11

EoinMuurphy's gravatar image


If they had never been invented we would be none the wiser. To ask what would we do if they weren't invented is a question is difficult to answer since they have been invented!

answered Jul 15 '10 at 20:43

DazOwen's gravatar image


And we are answering using one!

(Jul 15 '10 at 20:43) archaeme archaeme's gravatar image

I have to agree you can't be affected emotionally or otherwise by something that wasn't invented.

(Jul 16 '10 at 06:12) sulljason sulljason's gravatar image

that is my answer when people ask me this question, its what parents use to persuade thier children off the tv or games console. that or we never had any of these things:L

(Jul 25 '10 at 11:14) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

If computers hadn't been invented, I'd be on my iPhone and iPad all the time. Oh wait, I already am!

answered Jul 15 '10 at 23:53

AppleHack23's gravatar image


iPhones and iPads are computers.

(Jul 16 '10 at 00:56) Seb Seb's gravatar image

Yep, they are they use CPUs, which with out computers wouldn't be invented. And they are based on the computer design.

(Jul 16 '10 at 06:18) sulljason sulljason's gravatar image

If Macs aren't invented, what makes you think iAnythings would be invented?

(Jul 16 '10 at 13:07) decimic decimic's gravatar image

I would invent a computer. Or read books all day long.

answered Jul 15 '10 at 20:44

archaeme's gravatar image


Wow this is such a great question...

If computers had never been created then none of us would be where we are today because, computers are so much more than pc's, Macs (which would be included in this group unless Macs were invented but not pc's) or portable devices. Essentially all of these devices are a type of electronic device with circuitry, silicone chips, diodes, capacitors along with many other conductors & parts.

Computers are in cars washing machines and so many things, that life would truly be different as things would not progress so rapidly and people would have to think more or at least in a different way than they do now.

Where does this question end though are there vacuum tubes?... Circuits?... Any electronic type devices at all?

This is almost impossible to ask but something we can all ponder.

Let’s ask this question on a larger scale and see what more people think of this beyond this community. Also what about a movie something along the lines of “Where would we be series” a series on TV shows of where we would be & how we would do things differently Hollywood could make this but should they make it with out the aid of computers also?

This opens us up to many more questions.

decimic, I am jealous that I did not think of such a great question. :-)

answered Jul 16 '10 at 06:11

DAJUVI's gravatar image



If Macs were invented that would mean computers were invented.

(Jul 16 '10 at 06:19) sulljason sulljason's gravatar image

Yes a Mac is essentially a computer but some don't like to acknowledge that.

(Jul 17 '10 at 05:57) DAJUVI DAJUVI's gravatar image

If you so impressed with this question, why didn't you give it a "thumbs up"?

(Jul 18 '10 at 21:52) jhagedon jhagedon's gravatar image

You're right...

I just did...

(Jul 19 '10 at 04:18) DAJUVI DAJUVI's gravatar image

I probably would still be living in my home country, New Zealand. As I am an Furniture Upholsterer by Trade, it's likely that i would still be doing that.

answered Jul 15 '10 at 19:22

Geenome's gravatar image


Computers would've been invented sooner or later. Think about the first man. If he never understood how to use the bathroom, does it mean that we wouldn't understand it later on (if it didn't kill us first)?

answered Jul 15 '10 at 20:23

catchatyou's gravatar image


I would invent them if they haven't been invented.

answered Jul 15 '10 at 20:41

theguy12334567's gravatar image


Good old fashioned paper & pencil, slide ruler, and my brain. I'd do just fine. Just an old school techie.

Some events in the past would have to be erased for computers to not exist in our time.

1642 Blaise Pascal invents the world's first automatic calculating machine. Called the Pascaline, it can add and subtract.

answered Jul 15 '10 at 20:45

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


I would sit in a corner and cry about how worthless I am.............

answered Jul 15 '10 at 22:32

SJP's gravatar image


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