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I previously asked if it would be a good idea for my gaming review site to review flash games and thought it would be a good idea to use this as an opportunity to get the communities opinion. What is your favorite flash game website? ArmorGames? NewGrounds? or one that may not be known as well?

asked Jul 26 '10 at 00:45

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My favorite flash game website would be Kongregate, it is the one that I use the most. And whenever I play any other flash games I usually just google it and click on the first site that comes up.

answered Jul 26 '10 at 01:07

boba0420's gravatar image


I used to play Seafight a lot until it got to much for my computer to handle (which is 9 years old). Seafight is a part of BigPoint which offer a bunch of different games. They are really big in Germany but not so much here in the US even though they have game servers here also

answered Jul 26 '10 at 01:52

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edited Jul 26 '10 at 01:54

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answered Jul 26 '10 at 01:07

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