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Hey guys, what's going on? Well, next year I'm going to the University, to study Architecture, and will be staying in Dorm or something like that. The question is... What gadgets or things do you recommend me to have, to take and maybe to buy? Thanks for reading... Take care.

asked Jul 29 '10 at 22:40

TeppeiMisue's gravatar image


pack light, a tv, laptop, cellphone. if you can get a tv that you can plug a laptop into it is very helpful, exp in architecture. a alarm clock, headsets, netflix account is always good. i do not recommend bringing a gaming counsel, to much of a distraction, depending on how good the wifi is in your dorm maybe a router that you can plug into the schools land line network (most colleges have them).

a external hard drive and a flash drive (particularly the flash drive)

a fan is always good. bring storage containers (rubber made clear containers work well.

also your school may send out a recommended packing list. pack light

a mini fridge is a must, if your dorm has a kitchen with microwave you may not need to bring one (but they are usually nasty)

answered Jul 29 '10 at 23:08

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Thanks for answering.

Let's see... I do have a laptop, a MacBook Pro 5,3.

Cellphone, have to buy a new one, maybe an iPhone or a good Android, that's an other question.

TV I believe we'll have one. Gaming counsel, do not have.

Alarm, incorporated in the iPod's Logicool dock. Headsets, yeah.

Netflix, I'll see later. WiFi, there's in the building.

External drive, need a new one maybe a 2Tb HDD or a 512Gb SSD, and already have a 8Gb Sony flash drive.

Fan, maybe there's AC. I was thinking about the little fridge, but we have our own space in the downstairs kitchen's fridges.

Well, thanks.

answered Jul 29 '10 at 23:33

TeppeiMisue's gravatar image


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