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While we are on computers, we use a lot of kayboard shortcut commands. From alt-tab, ctrl-tab (and ctrl+number for chrome to quickly switch tab from one end to another), to alt-F4, to ctrl-shift-esc (task manager {and if you saying about atrl-alt-delete will also work, this is shorter cause you will skip the multiple options on networked computers running Xp or vista and up}), to Option-Shift-Command-Esc (for mac), etc. What is your favorite keyboard shortcut command?

asked Aug 01 '10 at 08:49

kevin's gravatar image

kevin ♦♦

Ctrl Z.   

(Aug 12 '10 at 09:05) Ang Ang's gravatar image

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answered Aug 01 '10 at 16:33

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


Command - S

Always save your work! It's a life saver!

answered Aug 01 '10 at 09:27

Hanhart's gravatar image


Ctrl + W ...try it, it's awesome ;)

But really, my favorite has got to be Windows key + L (locks the computer). I use it many times daily!

answered Aug 01 '10 at 16:11

chadt4's gravatar image


How many people tried this? I did.

(Aug 11 '10 at 09:13) Feras Feras's gravatar image

I did! I was so mad I had to open the page again!

(Aug 11 '10 at 16:19) dmullaly dmullaly's gravatar image

Ctrl - Z/Cmd - Z

I always need to undo mistakes I have made.

answered Aug 01 '10 at 09:51

Feras's gravatar image


ctr-alt-delete i have used it many many times __

answered Aug 01 '10 at 10:30

SJP's gravatar image


Ctrl + Left Click because I'm always opening things in multiple tabs and Ctrl + S because I've had bad experiences with losing data.

answered Aug 01 '10 at 12:47

jwonno's gravatar image


Mine is CNTRL and ENTER when ur in the web brouser this is becasue you dont have to write www. or .com the shortcut does it for you

answered Aug 01 '10 at 16:08

IamBearjew's gravatar image


Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V

You can never go wrong with copy and paste

answered Aug 01 '10 at 19:12

Craighton's gravatar image

Craighton ♦♦

alt-f4 because can shutdown windows not using and alt-tab to see all windows that i have open and to move to a window quicker then using task bar :) ( windows )

answered Aug 01 '10 at 09:00

smileUKwebsite's gravatar image


alt f2 free the fish alt f2 free the fish alt f2 free the fish alt f2 free the fish

answered Aug 01 '10 at 09:51

CiphersSon's gravatar image


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