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I have a MiFi [ portable WiFi Connection], it works great. I understand that some peoples device do not have WiFi, but surly this has to be the minority. And in a multi billion dollar Tech Business, when did the minority ever count. I had and older Desktop that had no WiFi capabilities, so I installed a WiFi Card, bingo, it works fine. I run my PS3, Netbook, Ipod and now Desktop from this little device.

I would like to here your thoughts on this,


asked Aug 26 '10 at 09:16

Js%20Chisum's gravatar image

Js Chisum

I have gotten tired of my Wireless Dongle draining my MBPs battery way too much, so instead I Internet Tethering via my iPhone 3GS...

answered Aug 26 '10 at 15:53

Lee%20Wood's gravatar image

Lee Wood

im not a fan of the cards that retransmit the internet signal, they are kinda spendy yet and most people dont need them. they are great if your sharing your connection but not so great if its just you.

answered Aug 26 '10 at 09:43

trueb's gravatar image


If you are referring to the wireless Mobile Broadband dongles, then yes, we need them. Why? Because say there isn't a WiFi hotspot nearby and you need internet access (although the average consumer won't need it, it's designed for business users). What do you do? I say use the wireless card/dongle to link in to a wireless providers network and get access to what you need to access. Those internet dongles are good technology.

Lucas (vedalken)

answered Aug 26 '10 at 09:47

Vedalken's gravatar image


Hi thanks for your comment. But surly if you can get a signal for a dongle, you can get a wifi signal. The company I deal with has 99% coverage.

(Aug 26 '10 at 09:50) Js Chisum Js%20Chisum's gravatar image

they are not meant for use inside, they are meant for use on the move, such as when you aree away form the office

(Aug 26 '10 at 10:40) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

@Js Chisum actually, no that would not be true. By your logic everywhere you go would be covered by a WiFi hotspot which is NOT the case. try searching in minnesota along US-10 Westbound between St. Cloud and Little Falls.... i doubt you'll have WiFi there.... Maybe in those cities, yes. But otherwise, not a chance.

(Aug 26 '10 at 14:34) Vedalken Vedalken's gravatar image

Thanks for your Comment, But I am not American, and I have 99% in my country.


(Aug 27 '10 at 09:42) Js Chisum Js%20Chisum's gravatar image

I recently got given a laptop with a wifi card inside it. The dongles are designed to give you better range than the standard ones and potentially upgrade you to a faster wifi connection speed if it's available.

It's generally for a better range, which is best if you are on the move and looking for that nearest connection point.

I don't really like the dongles especially when on the move. It's just something else that can potentially get knocked or broken off. The inbuilt ones in new machines are generally pretty good so as I say they are only really needed by people running on old wifi standards or if you need longer range.

answered Aug 26 '10 at 13:18

SignOff's gravatar image


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