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How much cheese a day is too much cheese? No I don't mean cheesy jokes, no I don't mean a cartoon character, no I am not taking your picture, no I am not talking about "cutting the cheese" (thanks r0bErT4u :D ), I mean cheese; the food. How much a day is too much? Could it be bad to eat too much? Imagine how many foods have cheese.

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asked Aug 30 '10 at 21:38

Madison%20Tries's gravatar image

Madison Tries

edited Aug 30 '10 at 22:00


I see a lot of holes in this question =0p..

Something about some cheese types doesn't smell right.

I crack myself up sometimes! =0p...

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:07) r0bErT4u r0bErT4u's gravatar image

Well..from what i hear..if your having trouble going to the bathroom..you have been eating to much cheese..cut back until you can poop properly again.

And it would depend on the type of cheese..what kind of cheese do you eat most often?

answered Aug 30 '10 at 21:45

SJP's gravatar image



I think I eat cheddar, and swiss mainly, but I want to try more types. I am slightly addicted to this stuff. But I cant eat it as much now do to a stomach disease thing. :(

(Aug 30 '10 at 21:47) Madison Tries Madison%20Tries's gravatar image

how do you get it...the cheese i get usually has a nutrition label on the back of it...if not you could try searching for the nutrition info online.

(Aug 30 '10 at 21:49) SJP SJP's gravatar image

Exactly, SJP -- cheese = constipation unless you eat it in moderation. Trust me, I know... cheese is about the only thing my 3-year-old wants to eat some days. sigh

(Aug 30 '10 at 21:55) ageekmom ♦ ageekmom's gravatar image

Is cheese bad for you? I love cheese! String cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, swiss, fondue ...

I even cut the cheeze =0p...

answered Aug 30 '10 at 21:55

r0bErT4u's gravatar image



Lol. I need to add that to the question.

(Aug 30 '10 at 21:59) Madison Tries Madison%20Tries's gravatar image

There is no such thing as too much cheese. :D

On a serious level I try to limit the amount of cheese I have for due to the fat content.

answered Aug 30 '10 at 21:41

Xiro's gravatar image


Actually my family eats a lot of food with cheese specially at breakfast in my sister's and mum's first meal theres always cheese, so I guess it must not be that bad. Although I have to say I don't like cheese(yes I don't like it XD, and never try it lol, I hate the smell specially when melted lol), and no I don't eat pizza, and I don't think I am the only one with those tastes lol

answered Aug 30 '10 at 21:50

Patxi's gravatar image



you...dont.....like..pizza?!?!?! /faints..nah im kidding..but i do like pizza..though i can be very picky about it...has to be just right

(Aug 30 '10 at 21:53) SJP SJP's gravatar image

I eat allot of pizza when I can. lol

(Aug 30 '10 at 21:59) Madison Tries Madison%20Tries's gravatar image

Cheese is in everything (because it is the best food ever created) plus there are dozens of different flavors and textures so anyone can find one they enjoy.

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:20) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

i wouldnt say cheese is in "everything".....

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:21) SJP SJP's gravatar image

It should be. :D Okay, not seriously, almost though, a burger must have lots of cheese, pizza needs the right amount of cheese because of the type it is and how it melts, too much and it just gets odd.

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:26) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

hmm...ive made burgers with my mom..i dont recall putting cheese in them..or are you talking about cheeseburgers? those have cheese on them

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:28) SJP SJP's gravatar image

i agree with you on the pizza part :D

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:29) SJP SJP's gravatar image

Yes, cheeseburgers, if I had a burger it will be a cheeseburger as there is no other way for them to be. :-) (Big cheese fan)

I love cheese and still think a pizza can have too much, I am good with a stand amount of cheese on a pizza, maybe a little extra nothing crazy as I like a good balance.

(Aug 30 '10 at 22:46) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image
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Chezz is made from milk so i would think its good for 3 ;P

answered Aug 30 '10 at 22:00

Jackster1337's gravatar image


More than one slice. That's all I can handle in a day. I can't have normal cheese pizza because there's too much cheese on it :D

answered Aug 31 '10 at 01:30

GavinRoskamp's gravatar image


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