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Hi all,

Have you heard of the Walmart Effect. This has killed of small towns all over America. And for this reason I do not like them.

What are your thoughts on this,

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asked Aug 31 '10 at 22:51

Js%20Chisum's gravatar image

Js Chisum

I've seen it happen in several small Texas towns, although several have successfully fought Walmart and kept it out of their town. I don't know how common that is, but it's made a difference. Another small town here does have a Walmart, but they forced it to be located way on the outskirts of town, away from their main business/commercial district, to lessen the impact. I imagine it still had a chilling effect on the "native"/local businesses, even with it on the outskirts of town, since the town can be traversed by car in less than 20 minutes.

answered Aug 31 '10 at 23:01

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦


Having a Walmart in your town is not the problem, its when they open up off the highway. If they were in the town you might drop into other shops. But when it's 20min's away from the town, you buy everything in it, and don't bother shopping in town. This is what kills the small town.

(Aug 31 '10 at 23:10) Js Chisum Js%20Chisum's gravatar image

I've NOT heard of THE WAL-MART EFFECT, but I'm doing research. I'll be back ...

alt text

answered Sep 01 '10 at 00:26

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


Any Time Robert, Its a very interesting story. Watch for a related question today.

(Sep 01 '10 at 07:29) Js Chisum Js%20Chisum's gravatar image

I had to go to a few interviews. Sorry. That takes priority.

My initial impression is that the Wal-Mart Effect is good & bad. Competition is Good for the consumer, yet Bad for the other businesses nearby.

There's also the attracting of the People of WalMart demographic --- I've not read of that demographic doing anything illegal, but they're unique in a weird kind of way.

(Sep 01 '10 at 20:02) r0bErT4u r0bErT4u's gravatar image

When I first saw this question, I thought at first that you were talking about the People of Wal-Mart

answered Sep 01 '10 at 16:45

YamazaruNinja's gravatar image


No just the Effect Walmart has on smaller business's.

(Sep 01 '10 at 19:51) Js Chisum Js%20Chisum's gravatar image
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