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Hello., I have accomplished MuscleNerd's iPad 3G SMS method of sending text messages from iPad. You need to take the file "smscl" and SFTP or SSH it into /usr/bin. To start the text message, login as root, and type 'echo "My message here" | smscl 0000000000' 0000000000 being the recipient of course. Echo means that you can enter text, so you're entering a custom text message. To do a pre-made file, you would do 'cat myfilename.txt | smscl 0000000000' provided myfilename.txt is in /var/root, which is what you're logged into. If it's not then "cat /path/to/myfilename.txt". To send the date you would do 'date | smscl 0000000000'.

Now this was compiled for iOS 3.2, I am attempting to run it on my iPhone 4 but I was told I need to compile it for iOS 4 first. These source files are not in a project so there is no build function, meaning I have to do a Makefile. I'm not completely sure on how to compile this, I know I'd have to do in Terminal "cd ~/Downloads/smscl" then do "make Makefile".

Although, it tells me it can't be done, because of some sort of error. If somebody extremely technologically inclined could compile this to work on iOS 4, then post it online for me to download, it would greatly appreciated. If you could also explain the steps and changes you did during the compiling, that would greatly appreciated as well, so I could then do this kind of stuff on my own.

Thank you for any help!

EDIT* Sorry this question was rushed and I forgot to post the link to the download.


asked Sep 03 '10 at 18:17

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You shouldn't have to do "make Makefile". Firstly, you need the UNIX tools option installed from the Xcode installer, then you do "sudo make" in that directory. It should find the makefile automatically.

In most cases, it's the same procedure:

./configure [options here]  #setup the hardware / platform variables so it compiles correctly for the specific platform
sudo make                   #compile by running the makefile
make install                #install the final produc

Although I don't condone this this kind of thing, I looked it up and downloaded the file. The Makefile requires the iOS SDK to be installed and it is dependent on iPhone OS 3.1.2 not for IOS 4. You'd have to change a bunch of paths in the makefile. It is also using a lot of IOKIt functions that were deprecated in 10.5... being deprecated in 10.5 means they aren't in 10.6, they may be present in iOS 3, they may not be in iOS 4.

answered Sep 03 '10 at 18:32

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edited Sep 03 '10 at 18:43

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