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Is apple a rip-off. I think they are because there products are really expensive for what you get so what do you think?

asked Sep 05 '10 at 08:33

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closed Nov 03 '10 at 08:45

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Tim Fontana


It amazes me how this question got closed. I bet if you made a question saying "Is Windows 7 a rip-off?" It would be fine with the community and that wouldn't start a flame war, because we're all Mac users here, ridiculous!

(Nov 03 '10 at 10:16) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

I would close it. Any question that is a rant or will cause rants will get closed

(Nov 03 '10 at 12:19) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

Harsh closing this. There was a good debate going on. Reword the question and theres nothing wrong with this threads intention. Chris posted a thread just a few days ago showing how over priced mac pros are, dare you to close it.

(Nov 03 '10 at 13:30) paddyt007 paddyt007's gravatar image

reword then re open then

(Nov 03 '10 at 13:51) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

If Chris posted a similar question, then why should this one be open?

(Nov 03 '10 at 14:00) Seb Seb's gravatar image

The question has been closed for the following reason "May start a flame war, please do nto ask questions of this nature" by Tim Fontana Nov 03 '10 at 08:45

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They might be expensive and some products overpriced, but when I look for a product I look for quality and if I need to pay extra for that I will. I also find only a few things I would not buy because of the price tags like a macbook air and the old apple tv.

answered Sep 05 '10 at 08:37

Tom%20White's gravatar image

Tom White

I do NOT think apple is a rip-off because you are paying for what you get. Apple products are quality that's why they price them at that price because they are good!

answered Sep 05 '10 at 08:48

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They are very high quality. LED-backlit screens, thinner than most laptops in its class, more beautifully designed, and more rugged. An solid aluminum body, compared to most plastic laptops today. Say what you will, but my MacBook Pro's screen is brighter and viewable from more angles than your average PC Laptop's screen. It really is higher quality. Then there is OS X which is easier and faster to work in than Windows, once you get the hang of it. The trackpad is beautiful and a pleasure to use compared to most small, rough trackpads on other laptops.

There are more reasons to like Macs. I do have complaints, though. USB ports mere millimeters from each other, and only TWO! Had to get a USB hub just to plug everything I wanted in! Apple has its flaws, but so do PC's. So, I own both...

(Sep 05 '10 at 11:31) djmoore711 djmoore711's gravatar image

I don't like the design.

(Sep 05 '10 at 12:05) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

Macs Are Just ...Terrible

(Nov 03 '10 at 12:32) Neakiaro Neakiaro's gravatar image

Yeah they are higher priced.

However it depends what something is worth to you, and what is important to you.

I like OS X, the design, Apple Care etc i could go on - but thats just whats important to me.

I earn what i might earn, and I weigh that up against with what Apple offers, and I personally don't consider it a rip-off.

Its all perspective.

answered Sep 05 '10 at 08:52

Uelogy's gravatar image


100% rip-off

Macbook I once owned: 1000$

2GB ram


13.3" Screen

Non-full sized keyboard

Current Laptop: $640



Full sized keyboard

15.6" Screen

As you can see, the PC is better and cheaper than the mac. also, when my battery began to die, gateway sent me one FREE (minus shipping and handling) Unlike apple, about a year when I had it, I was stupid enough to spill some coke on it, and how much did it cost to repair? $150. now, none of the internal components died or were damaged, JUST the keyboard. 150 freaking bucks? what a waste. PC FTW

answered Sep 05 '10 at 08:55

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edited Nov 03 '10 at 08:44

Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

Tim Fontana


This is the truth, even when you get everything you just stated Apple gives you, they'll make you upgrade a couple times each day, because they made a new program.

(Sep 05 '10 at 10:48) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

You forgot to mention that the Mac was older than the newer PC... Plus, it's the 13" model. Tell about something actually comparable on more levels that just "they're both laptops." Did you purchase both of them around the same time, or did you purchase the PC a year later after the Mac "died" when you were dumb enough to pour coke all over it. You expected Apple to cover your stupidity with a warranty service?

Dell wanted to charge me $500 to replace a laptop screen out of warranty. The whole laptop was $600. What do you think I did. I got a newer laptop. Out of warranty repairs are always expensive. Stop bashing Apple, and make some fair comparisons next time.

BTW, the monitor I broke was out of my own stupidity ... I dropped it while it was open, because I shouldn't have left it on the edge of my bed. We all have lapses...

(Sep 05 '10 at 11:26) djmoore711 djmoore711's gravatar image

You expected Apple to cover your stupidity with a warranty service? << How is it stupid that he made a mistake? Are you serious. Give me a break.

(Sep 05 '10 at 12:04) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

A battery dies and it's replaced for free, because you're not at fault. You spill something on it, and you have to pay. It's called accidental damage, and Dell makes you pay extra to cover it with a warranty. I'm sure other manufacturers have something similar, maybe even Apple. You have to pay because it didn't fail naturally, but because you did something you shouldn't have.

(Sep 05 '10 at 12:17) djmoore711 djmoore711's gravatar image

The new Macbook Air is a classic example. $1000 for 64 GB of HDD space? Give me a break! I could be getting a high-end PC for the same price.

(Nov 03 '10 at 09:59) chadt4 chadt4's gravatar image

It sounds Like you Have An HP COmpaq

(Nov 03 '10 at 12:31) Neakiaro Neakiaro's gravatar image

well, djmoore711....remember that almost every pc laptop manufacturer out there has spill and drop protection. Why doesn't apple have that if they're so great...hmm?

(Nov 07 '10 at 10:43) James58321 James58321's gravatar image
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I do think they're very expensive, but you have to take in to consideration the materials and manufacturing process. It's true that you can get a Windows PC with better specs for a considerable amount less, but if you buy an iMac, you'll notice the screen has outstanding quality, and the bodywork is amazingly designed - which gives it such a high pricetag. Also, it's made by Apple.

answered Sep 05 '10 at 09:51

Timn96's gravatar image



you can get one with a windows pc if you want to, but unlink with apple, no one forces you to. and look at some windows all in one pcs. they have good screens and they are touch sensitive, which although is not my favourite way to use a pc, it is a good catch for home use, such as browsing and organinsing folders. apple make out that they are so advanced but take the iPhone for example. that is years behind what is capable.

(Sep 05 '10 at 10:43) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

There you go Tim, that's the truth. You got a thumbs up from me.

(Sep 05 '10 at 10:44) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

Well the Fact Apple Made I Turns Me Off It

(Nov 03 '10 at 12:32) Neakiaro Neakiaro's gravatar image

They are and they arent, you oay from $1000 for a laptop or desktop, ok. but the specs are worse than a windows fc for half the price, you then have a 90 day warranty. on most computers you have atleast a year. you have to pay about $200 for the extra cover, what does this say about what they feel about thier build quality? you are paying about 600 for just the os, name and the design. i have heard of Macbooks overheating and running very warm. andn yes, the repiar prices are ridiculous too. sure by all means if you need a mac, for it been a mac, then get a mac, but for a home use, then get a pc, with a better warranty, better specs and better build quality. Just dont get asus, they have more problems than any other brand i have ever seen. high pitched noises ftl

answered Sep 05 '10 at 10:40

Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

Tim Fontana

Apple offers a 1 year warranty on all their products and the extended 3 year warranty varies in price depending on what you buy. It also covers everything for 3 years except accidental damage, but no one covers that in a standard warranty. Repair prices are not a problem if it breaks on its own under warranty. All repair prices are a fortune no matter the company if they break out of warranty. Also Macs are known for running very cool (at least the aluminum ones). You cant say that they run warm and over heat if you only know of one that did that or is a much older model. Also the $1000 you spend includes a lot more than you get with a PC. PCs come with almost no good programs preinstalled. With a Mac you get iLife. Macs also do not need the amazing specs to preform well. PCs have amazing specs to make up for the slow OS. Also how is an Aluminum unibody enclosure not better build quality that a plastic enclosure? You might not like the design, but you have to admit the build quality is much better.

(Sep 05 '10 at 17:16) EDM9313 EDM9313's gravatar image

Yes, Apple is a rip off. The only machine that I would say isn't a rip off is the Mac Pro, but the price is still unbelievable.

answered Sep 05 '10 at 10:42

Windows7's gravatar image


The reason why I think Apple is not a rip off.

  • Their machines last very long. I have an G4 Cube (9 years old!) that runs Mac Os 10.4. Great for using iTunes and fun to have. I used my previous PowerBook for over 4 years and I never had a problem with it.

  • The Os. Nothing beats the experience that Os X brings.

  • Final Cut Studio. I use it alot and it works great.

answered Sep 05 '10 at 10:53

Hanhart's gravatar image


Alright, those are some pretty good reasons.

(Sep 05 '10 at 11:13) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

A G4 Cube!?!? Lucky...

(Sep 05 '10 at 18:12) LucaJnG LucaJnG's gravatar image

Yeah, bought it from a guy, with display and mouse and keyboard for 200 bucks. :D

(Sep 05 '10 at 18:30) Hanhart Hanhart's gravatar image

Want to do some real comparisons? Try to build a laptop on HP, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, or anywhere of your tier 1 choice. The prices start looking pretty even to get the same hardware on one of their systems.

This article is a few years old, but I suggest you read over and try for yourself. Tell me if you get the same results.

Computer World Referenced Article

Come on ... they buy the same chips from the same manufacturers. You think RelTek is going to give PC manufacturers the price advantage over Apple? No! They're all going to get the same bulk unit price...

Intel actually wrote a very good article on Mac vs. PC. They make a good point: you can use Boot Camp to dual-boot Windows and get the best of both worlds. Instead of price, which by now, is a dead argument, they say to focus on the user experience. What do you need? What do you want to do with it?

If I'm a gamer, what good is a cheap computer that won't play any games?! So what if I got it at a steal? I don't accomplish what I set out to do! Obviously, I'd opt for a PC, but I'd also consider running Boot Camp on a Mac and game in Windows on very similar hardware to some other PC's at the same price.

So, it looks as if this price argument is mute. Actual comparable hardware has comparable price (which makes complete sense)! It's all from the same companies. What makes PC cheaper is cheaper parts, and a bigger variety of manufacturers focusing on lowering the price, where Apple isn't so focused on this with most of the ranges, and are all about making what they feel is a good, quality computer.

In the end, you get what you pay for--no cutting the corners. The hardware is the same. The operating systems are beginning to show some very striking similarities. Now, it's coming down to what third-party software you want to run that hasn't been ported over to both OS's, or just what is your personal preference. Get what you want. Get what you need.

answered Sep 05 '10 at 11:39

djmoore711's gravatar image


edited Sep 05 '10 at 12:01

I think it's worth it, if you have the money. I wold much rather have my 27'' iMac than some Alienware gaming machine.

Just looks at it. Most screens of that resolution are $1000+, and witht he iMac, you get a pretty powerful computer stuck to the back.

In my opinion their laptops, and towers (Mac Pros), are WAY too overpriced. I would still love to have a Macbook Pro though...I'm kind of an Apple fanboy... ;)

answered Sep 05 '10 at 11:43

Justin's gravatar image


edited Sep 05 '10 at 11:43


I have the 2010 refresh of the MacBook Pro with the 2.53Mhz Core i5 in it, and have never regretted it. It's got a 1440x900 res screen, where most laptop manufacturers are still at 1300x760ish ...

I put $2,000, but it was worth every penny. The hardware is amazing--5.3 in Windows with Boot Camp--so I'm not complaining. That's far better than an older "gaming" laptop I had two years ago.

I love it! Best of both worlds!

(Sep 05 '10 at 12:12) djmoore711 djmoore711's gravatar image

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