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how many questions have you had that no one answered to...and what were they...and in your mind were they stupid or smart questions...was the answer need...was it important?...and just if you want...what was the highest answers you saw for one question? DO YOU THINK THIS QUESTION IS STUPID AND NOT NECESSARY?

asked Sep 05 '10 at 23:19

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edited Sep 05 '10 at 23:57

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I personally have none that don't have an answer submitted. But do I have questions with out an answer I was looking for, or without a good answer? ohmygod YES! It can get really irritating when people are just saying what they want on your question and not actually ANSWERING it... Especially when you were really interested in an answer and they are just not caring enough to give you a good, solid answer. But then sometimes you get really amazing, illumination, and insightful answers and that makes it all worth while :) This is not a stupid question, no. In the famous words of some man I do not know: The only stupid question, is the one not asked. And I think thats true

...and the most answers I've gotten on one question was 12 btw ;)

answered Sep 06 '10 at 00:20

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edited Sep 06 '10 at 02:15

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