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Can you purchase the Apple OS and put it on a PC running Windows 7? If you can how well will it run on a PC?

asked Sep 07 '10 at 00:50

Tyler%20Hunt's gravatar image

Tyler Hunt

That is illegal. It's called Hackintosh. My guess is that it does not run smooth.

answered Sep 07 '10 at 18:20

ryebread761's gravatar image


Yes, it is illegal. Otherwise they would sell it for PC's. I don't think it would run smooth either, that is why they have Macs! :D

(Sep 07 '10 at 18:36) Windows7 Windows7's gravatar image

There are some cases were it actually runs better

(Sep 07 '10 at 18:54) FilipinoPower FilipinoPower's gravatar image

Questions about "Hackintosh", "osx86", or running OS X on a PC is forbidden on lockergnome.net.

answered Sep 07 '10 at 00:58

NickMiller's gravatar image


I was not aware of that however I was not referring to Hackintosh I just was wanting to know if you could run a Mac OS on a PC if that is forbidden however than I apologize.

(Sep 07 '10 at 01:11) Tyler Hunt Tyler%20Hunt's gravatar image

I don't know why Microsoft lets Apple run Windows on their computer and why Apple won't let Microsoft use Mac OS X on a PC... That's all because I don't want to break the rules...

(Sep 07 '10 at 16:12) Jan Cauchi Jan%20Cauchi's gravatar image

Its not a case of Apple being allowed to do it... Bootcamp which is the program that gives users opportunity to use Windows on Mac was developed by some clever people outside of Apple I believe, and apple were so impressed that they included it in OSX.. They don't need Microsofts permission. Fact of the matter is, when Apple changed to Intel or X86 processors, this meant that the architecture of the hardware were the same as what Windows based machines use and have used since the early days meaning programs such as BooTcamp, VMfusionware etc became possible...

(Sep 07 '10 at 17:51) Lee Wood Lee%20Wood's gravatar image

This is illegal so don't do it, it is possible but can result in your hard drive been damaged if is not well installed, plus the wireless card is an issue. So don't break apple rules please! is for your own good. we are not saying its illegal to bug you, its to help you.

answered Sep 07 '10 at 18:54

Patxi's gravatar image


if you have a desktop check out the EFiX usb dongle it even allows you to update your system unlike a lot of the hackinosh methods out there

answered Sep 07 '10 at 18:57

FilipinoPower's gravatar image


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