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I have a few programs like Mail or MiddleClick (App that lets me use a middle click by placing three fingers on my Magic Mouse) that I would like to start as soon as I log into my Mac, but not open up.

Anyway to do this?

asked Sep 08 '10 at 17:58

Justin's gravatar image


If you go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Your account, you can go to the login items section and set an item to launch, but hide it's windows until it becomes the active application.

answered Sep 08 '10 at 18:03

Granit's gravatar image


I think this is the second or third Mac related question you have given me answer for!

I just got a Mac a little while ago, and I'm still learning. xD

(Sep 08 '10 at 19:08) Justin Justin's gravatar image

Haha, yeah Mac related stuff is what I answer the most. Also, welcome to the Mac, I hope it's been a good experience so far. :)

(Sep 08 '10 at 19:13) Granit Granit's gravatar image

It's been amazing. Usually the things I have trouble doing, is because I'm used to the Windows way (Which is using looking through the confusing control panel) and when I find out how to do it the Mac way, I feel dumb, because it was so simple. xD

(Sep 08 '10 at 19:15) Justin Justin's gravatar image
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